Xsplit vs OBS: Which Live Streaming Software Is Right For You?

March 14, 2019

While streaming the live content, it is quite mandatory to choose the right platform. Of many live streaming services, Twitch, YouTube gaming, and Ustream play a prominent role. In case you are in search of its alternatives or competitors then you will hear two big names- Xsplit and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Since both these platforms fall into a similar zone, you will surely get hooked up in deciding to select the best software that suits your needs. Here, in this article, we will try to differentiate one from others so that it becomes quite easier to find the best live streaming app.

Xsplit vs OBS: Ease Of Use and Performance

From OBS, you definitely get better performance but it definitely takes some time to get habituated to the OBS interface. It is not very intuitive due to which the user may get confused about how to look up for videos and find what you need. Here is where the Xsplit shines. The interface is user-friendly thus it is easier to start up and lets to stream the content instantly. If you prefer the Xsplit paid version, it allows streaming across multiple devices simultaneously. Xsplit and OBS can stream games with 720p at 30fps. OBS can further go ahead and stream games of 60fps at 1152 X 658 resolution. Also, when compared to Xsplit, OBS can easily manage heavy game streaming.

Xsplit vs OBS

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Xsplit vs OBS: Integration Abilities

One of the difficult aspects to determine is integration abilities of both types of streaming software. They feature incredible ability when talking of integration. Now, when both are the same, why we need to try out differentiation? Well! Let me tell you that the thing that puts Xsplit over OBS is the extra feature that can be used to add in specific connections. Xsplit also allows to directly upload streams to Skype, Twitch or YouTube. This is quite useful, especially for the multi-player role-playing games. For the Xsplit paid version, the user can also edit videos on the go.

Xsplit vs OBS

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Xsplit vs OBS: Custom Plug-ins

When talking about the plugins, OBS offers its users organized support of plugins and also gives out many options for customization. It renders more support for the third-party plugins than in the Xsplit’s proprietary interface. Moreover, the broadcast experience on OBS is in control with the users. But, Xsplit platform requires you to make a lot of sacrifices in terms of customization. Moreover, the overall settings adjustments seem to be a bit clunky in Xsplit, whereas it is ultimately easier to do adjustments in the Open Broadcaster Software.

Xsplit vs OBS

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Xsplit vs OBS: Price and Verdict

It is quite difficult to determine the best of these two types of streaming software. Depending upon the above discussion, it seems like the OBS takes over the race. This doesn’t mean the Xsplit is not good for you. It is your needs and requirements that determine good streaming software. However, it is good to know that OBS is available for free and holds a huge set of features. But, to unlock some premium features in Xsplit you need to spend around $2.50 per month.

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