Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Concept, the Foldable Triple Camera Smartphone

October 24, 2018

If we talk about the upcoming trend and innovation in the future smartphones then foldable is the term which has taken all the focus these days. The mobile phone brands were very experimental by dropping off some major hikes in the camera as 2018 witnessed a lot of smartphones with more than two cameras, some were quad-camera like Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro so the other was like Penta-camera which we have seemed in the LG V40 all of this was intriguing and exciting for people in Dubai till the concept phones in the bendable and foldable style revealed. The phenomenon is not only limited to the concept only as Lenovo has already showcased its different prototypes of bendable and foldable phones. This foldable supremacy stimulated Chinese brands and Huawei is keen to launch the first foldable smartphone with the name of Huawei Mate X meanwhile the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex concept design is breaking the internet in UAE as it has not the dominance in the design but has the superiority element of dual screen and creativity in the camera section as well.

Design and Display: 

The concept designs of Samsung Galaxy Wing and Sony Xperia Flex are already trending but now in the foldable format Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex snatching slot. The smartphone design has variation in its camera section additionally acquires a mini notification screen too. The pop-up selfie camera vogue of Vivo NEX is implanted into the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex while the 6.2 inches QHD foldable screen has full infinity display as the screen to body ratio is 95%. The non-so existing bezels permit the impression of full-screen placement in the frame meanwhile when folded phone turns into the compact mode displays another screen of the rear. The 3-inches mini rear screen probably functions for the notifications have the triple lens camera infusion in the mega notch. The phone resembles a titanium wallet on fold because of the durable polymer joint in the center eventually hyping in UAE and globally.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex


The smartphone is expected to sum up with the high-end hardware in which the Snapdragon 855 processor is the top choice, whereas, the RAM might be 6 to 8GB suitable to the storage options of 64 to 128GB. These internal specifications are the speculations like the concept design as there is no official confirmation. As for the operating system most recent and latest Android Pie would be installed into the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex moreover the fingerprint scanner and stereo speaker might be integrated into the display screen, this technology we have been noticing for the upcoming phones but is more infuriating is the hidden piezoelectric ceramic earpiece. These futuristic features are defiantly a reason for the reactions in Dubai as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex is becoming the talk of the town in UAE.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex


Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex camera placement is not the one thing to attract, its potential and power are equally responsible for the ultimate popularity in Dubai. The rear camera set up is composed of powerful lens trio of 20MP + 16MP+ 8MP, the thought of the image and video results from such thunderous camera set up is unimaginable and the solid set up possess PDAF and OIS system too. The selfie camera is not behind with the vigorous lens of 25MP pop-ups in just 0.8 seconds amalgamated with the AI beautification components.  The smartphones with the exciting cameras always intrigue people in Dubai so it could be said that photography factor is also developing and fuming the interest of fans.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Release Date in Dubai:

This revolutionary concept design of Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex is indeed thriving but there is no confirmation of the release through any authentic source, the other expected foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy X and Huawei Mate X are expected to be releasing the next year 2019 and it could be expected that the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex might also launch in the rivalry of these smartphones next year.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Price in Dubai:

This novel design and powerful specifications indicate a premium price tag along with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex but as there is no confirmed release news so the price is also not assured till now.

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