How to Use The Free Video Editor in Windows 10

October 19, 2018

Though the previous Windows Movie Maker was free and easy to learn, still it was not considered to be the most capable video editors. The latest Windows update brought in several features especially for the video editors and amazingly they are integrated into the photos app. Now, we know that you are quite eager to know of how to use free Windows video editor? Before you start with, ensure that your PC or laptop is upgraded to the Windows 10 latest version thus allowing to make use of all features. Normally, you get the Windows updates automatically as you restart your computer. In case, the Windows is not updated, head to settings-→ update & security. Now navigate through photos app and now you are ready to enjoy using free video editor in Windows 10. This works almost similar to Apple iMovie and allows to trim videos or create your own movies/slideshows. Let us look further into more details of how to use free video editor in Windows 10.

Getting Started With a Windows Video Editor

Replacing the Windows Movie maker, now we got the Windows Video editor that comes in with several editing options. Launch the Windows 10 photos app, to start using the free built-in Windows video editor. Choose your favorite video remix, import the photos that you want to combine and wait for few seconds to get the photos to stitch together. Once you are satisfied, click on export or share to download and share it online.

windows 10 video editor

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Add Images and Video Clips

While the video remix is a great option, still if you acquire to have a manual control that is in the Windows Movie Maker, then it is good to create a video project. In order to create a project, the process is quite similar to adding video remix. To start with the process, select the photos/videos and click on the add button in the top right corner. This takes you to the Windows video editor screen.

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Different Editing Options in Windows 10 Video Editor

Once you add all the required photos and videos, the next step is to explore through different editing tools that the new Windows video editor is featuring. Firstly, you can adjust the duration of the image that it should appear on the screen. Make your video look more distinctive by applying video filters. Filters can be applied to both image and video. Also, choose from different styles and add in text to photos.

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Change Filters and Add 3D Objects

Give your video a new look by selecting from different themes. Each theme adds up different music with stylish tiles. Also, adjusts the duration of photos to sync with the music. To make it more special, select 3D effects and use arrows to adjust angle and direction.

windows 10 video editor

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Add Music

If you are not happy with the music added, then there is even an option to customize the music. Select a new soundtrack and make the photos to sync with the music appropriately. There is even an option to choose music from a PC or from built-in songs.

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Share Your Video

Now that you are done with editing, either select export or share and also choose from different size options- small, medium or large. The video will be encoded in MP4 format and will be saved in the pictures folder. Once done, click ‘share’ to make it available online.

windows 10 video editor

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