The 10 Best Windows 10 Themes in 2018 to Download Free

December 2, 2018

The latest version of Windows 10 is loaded with plenty of new features. One such feature to talk about is Windows 10 themes. Almost, many of us are bored seeing the same old UI for several years. Yes! It is true that the Windows operating system is the most powerful platform around especially on PC or laptops. In fact, it is the highly recommended platform in this world. Being used by millions of people worldwide, the parent company Microsoft launches tremendous themes thus making it look attractive. So as the latest version Windows 10 themes. It features several themes online which not only changes the visual interface but also enhances the overall user experience. If you are in a quest of the best Windows 10 themes free download, then here is a guide to look for.

GreyEve Theme

Though its not fair enough to say that the Windows 10 dark theme is the coolest of all. Still, it seems to be quite beneficial over all other Windows 10 themes as it is ought to be much easier to read. There exist several dark themes to download, but the GreyEve is the best choice to consider.

windows 10 themes

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Mac OS X EL Capitan

Another notable Windows 10 themes to download is Mac OS X EL Capitan. As the name suggests, this theme will give the Windows system the look and experience as the Mac OS X. It is one of the highly rated themes around on Windows 10.

windows 10 themes

Ubuntu SkinPack

In case you are fond of Ubuntu platform but still, want to Windows for your PC. Then, at least get that look and feel of Ubuntu simply by downloading the Ubuntu Skinpack on your system. Also, there is a feasibility to customize the color and icons on this Ubuntu interface.

windows 10 themes

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Want to have a simple interface on Windows? Then there is nothing better than the Flattastic for the Windows 10 desktop. It features a minimalistic design and doesn’t offer plenty of features. However, it is available in a total of 16 variants. Eight for the daytime and eight for the night.


windows 10 themesDiversityx VS

At times, even dark themes look stylish. And this is true in the case of Diversityx VS. Despite the dark appearance, it looks classy while used on the desktop. In order to compensate for the dark effect, it offers some degree of transparency which makes it more appealing to your eyes. If you are worried about performance at night, then you can prefer to use the skins interface.

windows 10 themes


Are you missing out the cool interface of the Windows 7? Don’t worry! Windows 10 themes are features you the same old interface with the StartIsBack Windows 10 themes free download. It provides you the same start button interface as in Windows 7.

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Another beautiful yet clear Windows 10 themes to download is Vanilla. It features the users with blue sky and clouds in the background. The theme is borderless as there are no borders defining the sides and edges. It works similar to online cloud services and is the best option if you want to try out borderless Windows 10 theme.

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FootPaths Theme

Love nature? Then get those sight and sound of the countryside environment only with this beautiful footpaths theme. It is literally derived from nature and includes elements such as shrubs, forest trails, and many more. The users have the feasibility to choose from 11 different wallpapers, with each depicting different aspects of nature.

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Oxford Theme

Looking for something fresh and refreshing Windows 10 themes download? Just try out Oxford theme which is completely different from other sophisticated themes. Also, the pure and user-friendly interface makes it the popular choice.

windows 10 themes

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Ades Theme

Another popular Windows 10 dark theme to talk about is Ades Theme. All those dark theme lovers will definitely enjoy having this theme on the Windows PC or laptop. It features a minimalistic yet simple user interface that makes it easier for the user to operate. The premium shades chosen make it more attractive.

windows 10 themes

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