What Is Windows 10 In S Mode?

June 6, 2018

With the latest Windows 10 version available, we can see most of the devices such as computers and laptops updated with the new operating system version. Apart from this, there is also one aspect being discussed a lot these days and that is the Windows 10 in S Mode. So much is being told about this mode and the benefits it offers. But what actually is this S Mode and how is it useful? Let us find out more about it in the following.

What is Windows 10 S Mode?

Last year, the Windows 10 S was launched with an intention to offer the best experience to Window OS users. This version is known to deliver an exceptional performance and quality through applications that are verified by Microsoft itself at the Microsoft Store. In other words, Windows 10 S mode can be explained as a limited and locked-down version of Windows operating system. When a laptop is in this mode, it is possible to install applications only form the Store or you can browse them using Microsoft Edge. The S mode, which is currently included in the Microsoft Surface laptop, might also be used in Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

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The main intention of the company is to pitch speed, stability as well as security in this way. As it is possible to get apps only from the Store, there won’t be a chance for malware to run on devices. This does not allow installing startup tasks causing system slow down or for any other junk to be hidden in the background. When the system is in S Mode, the Microsoft Edge web browser usually makes use of the Bing search engine as default. Without leaving this mode, it is not possible to change this default search engine to anything else. In addition, using command-line shells such as Bash, Command Prompt and PowerShell is also not acceptable. With this mode, users are given direct access to the Windows Registry either.

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On the other hand, users will find the S Mode more secure when all the necessary apps are available in the Store. As a result, the company has even tried pitching the S Mode for schools earlier. It allows installing and running anything that is present in the Store, which also includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, Apple iTunes and others. The Windows 10 S mode version is similar to that of the Apple’s iOS operating system, which can be installed only from the App Store and run only on devices such as Apple iPhones and iPads etc. However, with the S Mode, you will find limitation when searching for Windows app in the store.

Know about windows 10 s mode, windows 10 s mode version and windows 10 s mode update

But the good thing is the S Mode is optional and it’s up to users whether to get it or not. Usually, several PCs & laptops come installed with standard Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional operating systems. But you can find the presence of S Mode just by checking the product specifications at the time of purchase.

Check If The S Mode Is Active:

It is definitely possible to check whether you are using S Mode or not. To know this, first, go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘System’ and then click on ‘About.’ Just scroll down on the About page and select ‘Windows Specifications’.

If the words ‘in S Mode’ appears on the right, it indicates that the S Mode is active. But if the words don’t appear, it means you are not using the mode.

Know about windows 10 s mode, windows 10 s mode version and windows 10 s mode update

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