Windows 10 Problems? Here’s How To Fix Them

June 29, 2018

One of the finest operating systems from Microsoft so far is the Windows 10. Compared to the previous versions, this is certainly the best as it came with vast improvements like the start menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge in place of Internet Explorer, adding multiple desktops, central notification center and more. Despite all these aspects, there are still a few problems which users have reported when migrating to it.

Hence, let us take a look at some of the problems with this OS version and also find out the ways to repair windows 10.

1. Unable To Upgrade From Older Versions:

One of the most common windows 10 update error that users face is when upgrading to the Windows 10 from older versions, be it Windows 7 or even 8. Some of the regular issues during this process include notifications like Get Windows 10 app notifying that machines deemed by Microsoft as perfectly viable to get updates are actually not compatible. Despite trying to install, several users have failed to download it. Hence, there are a few ways to try to fix windows 10 issue.

→ Go to Control Panel, run Windows Update and see that your PC is up to date. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, if the updates fail.
→ Make use of the Media Creation Tool. Download it, save and run on the PC that you want to upgrade. If this step failed even at the time of launching Windows 10, try doing it again as the tool is now improved.
→ Keep the hardware Disable Execution Prevention (DEP) on in the BIOS after going through the motherboard manual in case you require any help. If the problems still persist, go to Start Menu, search for ‘performance’, run Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows, select the Data Execution Prevention tab and turn on DEP for all programs and services. Next, reboot it and try again.


2. Can’t Upgrade To The Latest Windows 10 Version:

Windows 10 received significant updates back to back when it came out. But still, there are many devices that missed out on the updates for reason like it not being rolled out automatically, and users have to select to do so. The version which reads 16299.xx indicates that its the latest one, but if you read 10240, then you have missed out the update.

But by troubleshooting the Windows Update too, it might be possible to get the new version. However, usage of Media Creation tool is highly recommended to repair windows 10 update issue. Just download and use it manually to upgrade your system. However, remember that the Ready to Install screen might not properly mention about the upgrade, but might refer to the Home or Business version you want to install. Also. Keep all your files, and apps and click Install for keeping your data. Once you click the Install option, the installation process will start and the OS version will get updated. Just follow the steps to fix windows 10 issue.


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3. Turn Off Forced Updates:

Setting up previous Windows releases is one of the things to do as they won’t install all the updates automatically. The Windows 10 version carries out the post-update reboot process properly, but still, it is better if users are in control of this. And to deal with this windows 10 update fix, especially if you are using Windows 10 Pro, go to the Start Menu, select gpedit and then run the Group Policy Editor. Expand the Computer Configuration, go to Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update. Double-click the Configure Automatic Updates, then go with the Enabled radio button and then choose to notify for download and notify for install. Nex,t select OK and you will start receiving the updates regularly. This is one of the simple methods you can try for this windows 10 update fix.


4. Turn off unnecessary notifications:

The best way to have a look at the necessary messages, pop-ups and notifications are through Windows 10’s Action Center. With this, you can also get notifications about software updates and system messages as well. But the frequent notifications may annoy you, mainly if you are not interested in that specific message. But there is a way to fix the windows 10 issue of receiving continuous notifications and make the Action Center show only necessary information. To do this, go to Settings, navigate to the system and then choose notifications and actions. You will find a few options that help to control how notifications are displayed including to turn off Windows tips, lock screen and others. Users can also choose to disable notifications on a per-app basis.


5. Enable System Restore:

Windows 10 doesn’t come with the System Restore option as default. And if you prefer it, you can enable it. Although it is not exactly the windows 10 update error, you can still fix it by selecting Start Menu, go to the ‘Create a restore point’. Choose the same in the results and highlight the system drive. Then go with the Configure button and select Turn on system protection. Set an approximate maximum disk space amount of around 5GB using the slider. If the upgrade is not successful again, then turn it back on.


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