How to Find Wifi Password in Android

November 9, 2018

Wifi password is something which vanishes over when you enter it into the smartphone. This is a certain issue and can be faced by everyone. Commonly, we enter the Wifi -password into the smartphone and then it saves the particular internet network in our device but afterward, it can be needed to know that what was the password for that network as sometimes you need to connect your other device or to share the access of that network with your friends too. However, in such a scenario, the invisibility of the Wifi password is annoying and irritating. No worries for that as you are at the right place to sort out that issue to make Wifi password show or appear by simply following few rules in the Android smartphone, further there is a rooting way to find the Wifi password in Android and you can follow it if its suitable for you accordingly. The major concern is being noticed by the people is that they want to know how to find Wifi password which is not that simple. Here are the steps which needed to follow to get the answer of the query how to see Wifi password, let’s quickly discuss it below one by one.

How to Get Wifi Password by Rooting Android Device

One of the things to do initially is to understand about the rooting, to make Android smartphone Wifi password show or visible moreover to make it understandable take the example of Windows when installing a new program or software, it always prompts a dialog box saying “Administrator permission required to run this program.” If you don’t have the administrator permission, you won’t install the program.

Similarly, in Android smartphones having the root permission to your phone is called as root. Some Android apps will ask you the root permission, e.g., flashing your ROM. In this part, the explanation of how to make Wifi password show or visible on your Android with root is detailed.

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Step 1: Install the ES File Explorer

The answer to the question how to see Wifi password lies in the Play Store so just download the ES File Explorer from your play store, install it and open it.

How to Find Wifi Password in Android

Step 2: Enable Root Explorer

To make your Android smartphone Wifi password show or visible you will need to enable that Root explorer. By default, the root feature in this ES explorer is not enabled. To enable it, just tap on the list menu on the top left corner. This will drop down a list of controls. Scroll down and find Root Explorer option and enable it.

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How to Find Wifi Password in Android

Step 3: Get the passwords file

The next thing you need to do is to look for the password file for solving how to get Wifi password issue in your smartphone. In this step, you will have to go back to ES file explorer and this time, find the folder named data and into that folder look for another file named misc. Open it and find another one named Wifi. After that, you will have to look for wpa_supplicant.conf.  The sequence of the process will go like this Data> misc> Wi-Fi>  wpa_supplicant.conf.

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How to Find Wifi Password in Android

Step 4: Retrieve the Wifi password on Android

The important thing into doing it is that please keep in mind that a slight error can lead to a misfortune of forbidding the smartphone to connect for the future Wifi connections, so be careful and make sure that you don’t edit anything in the file.

How to Find Wifi Password in Android

The answer to the question how to find the Wifi password finally lies in front of you in this window now and you just have to keenly read it to get the Wifi -password. On each network profile, the name of the network represented by name (ssid=”{the name}”), the network’s password represented by psk, the network’s access point represented by key_mgmt=WPA-PSK . This is all the information about Wifi networks connected to your smartphone and now you can easily have Wifi password show or visible in your android smartphone.

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