5 Best WiFi file transfer apps for android 2018

December 6, 2018

Sharing a file is always a hassle when you are transferring it through Bluetooth.  It takes from minutes to hours to have wifi file transfer from Bluetooth, while you would experience an exponentially faster growth of around 2-3MB per second if you prefer to send or receive files through WiFi.  The technical advancement in Algorithm of Wifi file transfer makes it convenient enough for users to transfer heavy file without time-consuming hurdles.

Here goes the list of all the best wifi file transfer apps that you look for in your android smartphone.

Shareit – Best WiFi File Transfer App

With 200x times faster speed than Bluetooth, Shareit helps you receive files from the receiver without even bugging them every single time for any approval. Simply connect your device with the senders’ account and you are all set to receive all the data from him with the help of CLONEit feature. Moreover. all the files can be shared at the speed of up to 20Mbps. This easily accessible free-to-download application doesn’t require any internet connectivity to transfer once both of the devices get paired up.  The only drawback of using Shareit is that its users can easily access the sender data without getting them notified about it, thus, interfering in their privacy without their consent.

WiFi file transfer

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Being the most renowned cross-platform android wifi file transfer with more than 400+ million users, Zapya helps you download millions of files in the blink of an eye with a customized download link made especially for you to share it out with your friends if you would like to synchronize your mobile data with them.  Apart from that, the wifi file transfer can be easily done by generating a QR code to share with the receiver. Though most of its functionalities have look-alike attributes of Shareit, the spotlight of Shareit making it lead over other cross-platform software is its group chat option that can be utilized offline with all your connected devices if they are not more than 100 feet away from you.  Moreover, you can also listen to the songs that are available in the gallery of your paired connections or check out their documents on your smartphone without letting them know about it.

WiFi file transfer

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MI Drop

If you would like to have an ad-free and speedy wifi transfer experience that supports all Android devices, them Mi Drop application of Xiaomi is best for you. Available to download on any Android handset whether it Samsung smartphone or Oppo handset, the built-in interface in it is fast enough to send or receive multiple files, though it doesn’t support bulk file transfer to multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, it helps you experience Wi-Fi transfer activity even without internet connectivity simply by using its Web share menu and by connecting it to Computer, you can synchronize all your laptop or MacBook data with your smartphone as well.

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Isn’t it exciting to know that you can use your android screen by transferring files even when your device is not around you? While running out of battery, we all need a backup to utilize our time even if the mobile phone is running out of battery. Hence, Air Droid fills the gap by facilitating you with an option to remotely accessing your smartphone screen on Computer in order to use your WeChat, Instagram and other applications without going for screen mirroring through debugging option.  Being one of the best apps, you would have your file transfer from your PC to smartphone or vice versa even if your mobile screen gets turned off due to battery drainage. Similarly, it also features an option to locate your smartphone if it is lost. Henceforth, Air Droid brings up a complete package of essential features that you look for in any wifi file transfer application.

WiFi file transfer

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The most versatile wifi file transfer application that makes you get facilitated with bulk transfer feature to multiple users, Xender is the most acknowledged app that provides an option to have data transfer in seconds. By supporting a group sharing feature that can be utilized by up to 4 devices, this cross-platform software helps you share pictures, movies, music files and even MS office documents between an android and Ios supporting devices.

WiFi file transfer

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Moreover, if you are unable to organize your mobile space then no need to worry as we provide you 10 best file manager apps for Android smartphone 2018 and, 9 tips to customize Android device.

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