How to Create a WiFi hotspot With Your Android Mobile

October 23, 2018

In these recent days, the Internet is a whole of the world without which we cannot live. And, getting a Wi-Fi connection on Android smartphones is not a big deal but it is quite hard to find a reliable connection. What if you are traveling and still want to ensure enough productivity. In such cases, WiFi hotspot is the best answer that ensures reliable connection in a simpler way. Even our own Android smartphone can act as a WiFi hotspot thus ensuring you to finish your important task with an ease. Here, we will have a look at creating a WiFi hotspot using Android mobile. This would allow other devices such as a PC, laptop or any other mobile device to share the Android smartphone cellular data through the Wi-Fi network. One can share the mobile data with up to five other devices. Almost all the Android smartphones that run on Android 2.2 or higher version support Wi-Fi data sharing feature. However, before creating a WiFi hotspot make sure with whom you are sharing in order to keep your content and data connection secured.

Points to Consider Before Availing Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Android Smartphone

– Before setting up a connection, make sure that the mobile carrier plan is amenable to hotspot connection. Some companies impose several restrictions in data limit or the need for add-on plan to enable the connection. Also, learn about 10 best Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android.
– Enable the hotspot manually and set up the right configuration. Set up a difficult password thus ensuring that no other outsider access the data using hotspot.
– Ensure that the WiFi hotspot is not available publicly. Rename the network to “network SSID” which makes it unrecognizable to the public.

wifi hotspot

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Steps To Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Service Plan

Step 1: As already informed, check with your carrier of the free WiFi hotspot usage. Some carriers require you to pay some extra amount to make use of this facility.

Step 2: If your Android smartphone carrier is accepting the mobile hotspot connection, then open settings and tap on more in the wireless and networks connection.

Step 3: Here, select “Tethering & portable hotspot” menu. Different developers feature this option in different settings. So, browse through all the options to find this feature.

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Step 4: Tap on “Setup WiFi HotSpot” and adjust your hotspot settings accordingly. If you are trying to connect to older devices that no longer support the latest security protocols, then make sure to set the device settings to WPA2 PSK.

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Step 5: Also, set a strong password as you are allowing other devices to enter into your network. By default the mobile hotspot frequency range is set to 2.4GHz, you can change these settings to 5GHz while in crowded areas.

Step 6: Now, you are ready to connect to the hotspot. In the “Connect to Network” menu, you will now see your own mobile hotspot along with the list of other available networks. Enter the password to connect to the hotspot.

Step 7: Since other devices will be connected to the same network, it is better to monitor the data usage continuously. To monitor, head to settings-→Wireless & Network connection-→ Data Usage.

wifi hotspot

In case the mobile carrier doesn’t support mobile hotspot connection, then you can do so using the third-party apps such as FoxFi. Though it is the most popular hotspot apps available, still they are ought to less reliable than the built-in feature.

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