Which iPhones & iPads can run iOS 12?

June 22, 2018

At WWDC conference, Apple unveiled new operating system iOS 12 with some added tweaks to the previous version that improves overall system performance. From the group facetime, group notifications to the custom Animojis, Apple latest operating system features significant upgrades. The new version of the operating system for the tablets or smartphones is expected to launch later this year. But, which iPhones & iPads run on iOS 12. Not all the older version iPhones are compatible with the latest operating system. As it requires the faster processors to run efficiently. Apple further claims that every device that runs on iOS 11 are compatible with iOS 12. Before discussing the compatibility of the iOS 12 OS, let us have a brief overview of the iOS 12 features.

iOS 12 Features

With iOS 12, you get to experience new and innovative features that can make your smartphone experience even better. Being the latest update, it is quite faster and responsive. Apps on iOS 12 can now launch 40% faster than the previous version and even multitasking between apps is quite faster. The group FaceTime calls will now support 32 participants. Animojis and Memojis are now more attractive and you have the option to customize animojis. Create new Animojis that fits your style and personality. There exists a new tool that lets to adjust and customize your Memoji. Apple further enhanced the Portrait Mode and can now generate a mask that can detect a person. Apple iOS 12 brings in new password features. Specifically, there exists a feature that shows a password using the third-party password manager. With iOS 12, security is no more a concern as you get more enhanced security mechanism that creates strong passwords. Another major upgrade that you receive is improved animations and the transition between apps is now quite smoother and faster. The message notifications are now grouped together thus making it easier for you to have a glance at a message on iPhone or iPad. AR experience on iOS 12 can recognize the object and use it to trigger AR experience.

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iOS 12 Compatible Devices

As already known, all the iOS 11 devices are compatible with iOS 12. Being the latest handsets, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus are sure to receive the update. Furthermore, even the Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, are likely to receive the major upgrade. As the iPhones including iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S are still awaiting the iOS 11 update, so it is quite unlikely to get the latest operating system. As for the iPads, all the iPad Pro models support iOS 12 and even the iPad Air renders its support. Well! It is still unsure if all iPad mini models get the update. Check for the version to make sure if your iPad can run on iOS 12. One of the probable reasons for the iOS 12 not supporting some devices, is it requires a 64-bit chipset to render its performance. If you are still looking out to enjoy the fruits of the newer iOS then upgrading yourself to the new handset is the only choice. All the upcoming iPhones of 2018-2019 are likely to run on iOS 12.

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