How to setup and Use WhatsApp Web on your iPhone

November 14, 2018

If you are habitual of using WhatsApp Group Chat while working at your office, then you don’t have to worry. As we would be providing you a simple and easy step to download and use WhatsApp web iPhone.

WhatsApp Webb was launched by WhatsApp Inc on January 21, 2015. Due to the limitations on iPhone WhatsApp by the Apple Inc., WhatsApp Web iPad and iPhone users were not able to synchronize their smartphone with WhatsApp Web on their MacBook.  After much advancements, Apple Inc. now has enabled WhatsApp Web for IOS devices by using Chrome.

Now you can easily send or receive WhatsApp messages, documents, or recording on your MacBook instead of going over the hassle of opening your iPhone.  Follow the given simple steps to make your user experience simpler and easier.

Step 1:  Update your iPhone WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp for iPhone and update it to avoid missing out on its new features.  No update or software installation is needed to open WhatsApp Web iPhone synchronization on your MacBook.

Step2: Access the Settings Bar

Open your WhatsApp on iPhone and hit the Settings option available in it. Tap the “WhatsApp Web”  menu just below the “Tell a Friend” bar.  Once you press the this option, a QR Code Scanner would appear on your iPhone.

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Whatsapp Web

Step3: Head over to your MacBook

Paste the URL on your MacBook. WhatsApp recommends you to search for WhatsApp Web on Google, Opera or Firefox. Once you surf for the given URL, you will be automatically directed to the website for WhatsApp Web iPhone.

WhatsApp web

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Step 4: WhatsApp Web iPhone QR

Once your Google Browser gets fully loaded, a QR code would start appearing right in front of you.

WhatsApp Web

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Step5: Scan QR

A QR code scanner was appearing in front of you on WhatsApp web scan option in your iPhone WhatsApp application. Scan the QR Code appearing on WhatsApp web with the opened code scanner of your iPhone. After aligning your code scanner with QR code of MacBook, your iPhone will be automatically connected with WhatsApp Web.

Step6: Connected

A pop-up message would also appear to let you know that both your devices got connected.

Bookmark this page on your MacBook so that you could automatically open it out without searching for it on your web browser.

WhatsApp Web

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp Web:

Every time you receive a new message, a chat notification would be displayed on your MacBook. You could also disable it by hitting the menu option that appears at the top right corner of your WhatsApp Web. Go over the Setting option displayed just above the “Log Out” menu.  Click on the notifications option and uncheck Sounds and Desktop Alerts and all your notifications would get disabled.

Why is it Needed?

WhatsApp Web iPhone is used by tech-savvy users who would like to multitask on their laptop or MacBook without switching over to different devices. Moreover, keyboard typing is very flexible to use instead of typing your text on your iPhone WhatsApp.  All the attachments, documents, Photos and videos can be easily transferred to your Macbook without the hassle of emailing yourself everything.

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