Top Ten New Settings and Tricks of WhatsApp 2019

January 7, 2019

The most popular messaging service that is acquired by Facebook back in 2014 is WhatsApp. Since then it is adding up new and updated WhatsApp tricks on a regular basis ensuring to have a great experience. Currently, WhatsApp is holding around 1.5 billion active users and are sending out around 60 billion messages per day. In this world that is filled up with several applications, probably it is quite hard to find any without WhatsApp 2019 account. It is claimed to be the best option to stay connected with your family or friends in a reliable manner. Though all of us make use of the latest WhatsApp regularly, still many are not aware of some of the WhatsApp tricks given to the users. As the company brings in new features with the WhatsApp new version, it becomes mandatory to update it regularly to enjoy exciting features. If you are a regular WhatsApp 2019 user then to enhance the chatting experience, you must definitely be aware of the user settings and tricks that it provides. Here, we have managed to find top 10 latest WhatsApp settings and tricks that one can grab it with a cup of coffee!

1. Make Your Status Visible To Selected Contacts

WhatsApp Status is a great feature as it allows to express your mood. And with the inclusion of photos and videos feature, it has become a great source to share your thoughts, photos, videos with everyone. What if we want to make them visible only to the selected group of people? You can do so! Head to the WhatsApp settings-→ Account-→Privacy-→Status. Here you will find three options, My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share with. Choose the option accordingly to make it visible to selected contacts. The other will not be able to see your status or story.

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2. Check Messages Without Going Online Or Given Away By Blue Ticks

There is always a situation wherein we don’t want the sender to identify that we have read the message. In other words, we try to read WhatsApp messages without getting those blue ticks or without going online. Well! WhatsApp 2019 allows you to do so with the help of WhatsApp Widget. Once you receive a message, you can check it in the WhatsApp widget without changing last seen. To do so, long tap on the empty screen of device home and select widgets to find the WhatsApp application.

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3. Back Up Chats

For all those who are concerned about losing any important WhatsApp messages, it is always advised to have a back up of chat conversations. WhatsApp allows you to do so using the cloud storage services so that you can restore it when you switch devices. To back up chats automatically, head to settings-→chats-→Chat backup-→Auto backup. On iOS, WhatsApp backs up data on iCloud and Google Drive on Android.

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4. Check Who Has Read Your Messages

We are always eager to find the person who has read our message. This is especially true when we have sent out messages to numerous contacts at once. To view who has read the message, open the information panel of the message. On Android, one can view the info panel, just tap on the menu button-→Info. On iOS, it is quite easy as you just need to place a finger on message and swipe from right to left. Or else push down on message and tap on Info.
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5. Format Messages of WhatsApp 2019

As with all other messaging services, even WhatsApp allows formatting WhatsApp messages including font, size and more. Just long press on the text portion that you wish to format after typing in the message field. Now, you will find the option to change the format to bold, italic, strikethrough or monospace. Interestingly, you can do so using one of the popular WhatsApp tricks as well. To make the text bold, add * at the start and end of the text, to make it italic, add _to the start and end of the text. Similarly, you can create strikethrough by adding ~.

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6. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Though a bit surprising but the latest WhatsApp version allows using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. To do so, just install Parallel space from the Google play store as it is the main source to run two accounts. Also, it brings in two separate notifications thus allowing to manage accounts easily.

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7. Delete Messages That Are Sent Unintentionally or Accidentally

There is always a situation where we send messages to an unintended recipient. Understanding the situation, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows deleting messages that are already sent. However, you will have this ability only for the messages that are sent 7 minutes earlier. Within this 7-minute time frame, you can delete the message even if the other person has quoted you. Just long press a message and select delete for everyone. The WhatsApp 2019 now has extended delete message duration of one hour.

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8. Read Deleted Messages

Want to have a look at the messages that were deleted by your friend? WhatsApp allows doing so with the help of the notification log app. Download the app and allow it to access read notification. The app now logs all the incoming notifications and makes it handy whenever you wish to retrieve.

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9. Share All Types Of Files

This WhatsApp feature to share nearly all sort of file types is been introduced with the last year WhatsApp update. This new feature of the WhatsApp 2019 allows you to send APK, ZIP, RAR or any other file type with ease. Just open the WhatsApp thread, tap on attachment icon, select document and send it. This feature also allows sending uncompressed photos as well as videos. Whenever you send a photo by selecting it directly from the gallery, size of media is automatically changed thus affecting the quality. To maintain the same quality, it is advised to use the document attachment option.

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10. Listen to Voice Recording Privately Without Headphones

Whenever you update to the WhatsApp new version, automatically new features get added up to your account. One such feature of the latest WhatsApp 2019 is the ability to listen to voice recordings privately despite in public areas without the use of headphones. Here are amazing WhatsApp tricks that you should definitely know. We are all aware of the fact the WhatsApp plays voice recordings on the loudspeaker. This is fine when you are alone, but it is quite embarrassing to listen while in public areas with people around. WhatsApp understands your concern and gave out a hidden feature that allows listening WhatsApp voice recordings with the microphone of your device. All you need to do is to place the phone near to your ear and play the message. This makes the proximity sensor to be activated and deactivates the speaker. The voice recordings will be played into your ear rather than on the loudspeaker.

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