WhatsApp on PC – How To Download WhatsApp for Computer

November 15, 2018

The popular free messaging service that is used worldwide is WhatsApp. Being used by millions of users, WhatsApp even implemented the web version and recently introduced desktop version too. So, from now on WhatsApp is not just meant for Android and iPhone, one can even use WhatsApp Web PC that lets to chat or make a video call from Windows PC. After the introduction of WhatsApp, people are more prone to use this service rather than the regular SMS feature. Apart from just sending messages, WhatsApp also allows sharing images, files, videos and more. However, it requires you to have an active internet connection to deliver messages successfully. Now, since the WhatsApp is even available for PC or laptop, users now have more feasibility to use the service even if they are away from the smartphone. Interestingly, the service is free to use and is free from ads. In this guide, let us see in detail about WhatsApp download for PC.

WhatsApp For PC Features

It is quite good to learn that WhatsApp lets to download this impressive service even on PC. Though the WhatsApp for Android is free to use, the WhatsApp for PC version demands a basic after a 1-year free service. And the best part with the WhatsApp web PC is you need not to create a separate account if you carry on with joining fee. It lets to access the same account on your PC with a simple procedure. However, if you are already an Android user, then expect the same interface to launch even on PC. It is nothing but having a desktop version of WhatsApp. Here, let us check out some of the amazing features that you get with WhatsApp download for PC. Find here to learn more about best texting apps and SMS apps for Android.

– Call, message or have a video call without any long distance charges.
– Make your text conversations more lively with those lovable text bubbles.
– Also, share location via GPS.
– Customize some replies so that it may be helpful when your hands are full.
– Attach images or any sort of media files with an ease.

whatsapp web pc-

Here is how to setup and use WhatsApp web on iPhone.

How To Download WhatsApp for PC?

Now that you got to know about the WhatsApp Web PC features, let us look further and know steps to be followed to get WhatsApp PC.

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Step 1: Open the browser and go to the official WhatsApp website.

Step 2: Download the WhatsApp Web App and ensure to check if your PC is compatible with WhatsApp. You can download the app both for Windows and Mac.

Step 3: Once downloaded successfully, run the setup and click on install.

Step 4: After successful installation, enter your mobile number and WhatsApp sends you the verification code. Also, to run the WhatsApp desktop app, it requires to scan QR code using a smartphone.

whatsapp web pc-

Step 5: On your phone go to menu-→WhatsApp Web. Just take your phone near PC to scan QR code and get connected.

Step 6: Now, it just looks like the app on your smartphone with a similar interface, and features.

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That’s it! WhatsApp for PC is now available on your desktop. Do the necessary changes such as change profile photo, status and more. Start a chat or make a new group. Also, change the chat settings if required in the WhatsApp desktop app.

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