WhatsApp Is Going To Receive A New Feature Soon

May 23, 2018

It is not a new thing that the WhatsApp developers have been working for quite a long time to introduce new features to the application. Now a few sources also indicate that the widely used messaging application WhatsApp is going to receive an excellent feature.

Right now, WhatsApp is not only the most popular messaging apps but also it is a widely used communication tool. This application is just perfect for both individual and group messaging.

Lately, this app was rolled out with a video call option for use by individual users, but now it is the time of group video calls.

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Compared to the past, where users were allowed to exchange messages on through phones, today we have countless messaging apps and other tools as well. Apart from WhatsApp, some other tools include Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, Viber and others that come with different settings, features, privacy and security options.

However, compared to all these tools, it is Facebook which leads this segment. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites used by millions of people across the globe. Apart from keeping regular posts, people prefer Messenger for chatting purposes. This social network giant is constantly growing and working to bring in more features.

Recently, it has also announced a new dating app called Facebook Dating. The Facebook dating features are currently being tested and will target users interested in dating and relationships. Moreover, Facebook is also going to offer ad-free experience, but at a cost in coming days.

Hence, post the introduction of video calls option in individual conversations, beta users are now planning for the group video call option.

However, this WhatsApp new features 2018 is still in the testing process. But it is likely to be available for users very soon, especially for those who are interested to test the latest version of the application.

Know about WhatsApp new features, WhatsApp new features 2018 and WhatsApp new feature update

A few images that were shared displays a group conversation, while also showing pictures of every participant. Moreover, the images also display traditional buttons used to switch off the microphone, rejecting calls, switch off the camera and also to change the used camera.

In this WhatsApp new feature update, if users are about to use the group chat option various times, then it is an indication that video calls can also be made between different group members.

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