Best 5 Web Browsers For PC

November 9, 2018

The most popular piece of software that everyone starts off with while working on PC is a Web browser. Being so important in both personal and professional life, it becomes mandatory to choose the best web browser for PC. There exist tons of Web browser options. Though the main task of all these web browsers remains the same, it is the functionality, speed and lot of other features make them differ one from other. Taking into consideration of all the added features and speed, here we have listed out 5 best desktop web browser that you can try out. When compared to others, these are quicker to respond and pack in a lot of impressive features.

Google Chrome

The browser that tops our list of the best web browser for PC is Google Chrome. It is a multi-purpose tool that lets to work like a pro while working on the web. Since it is a Google-made product, obviously you can find better results while searching for other Google services like Gmail and YouTube. It packs in impressive features that ensure to provide security, privacy, and usability. Also, browse using the incognito mode to ensure privacy. There even exists several Google Chrome extension to enhance the functionality.

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Mozilla Firefox

With the biggest update received after 13 years of the span, the Mozilla Firefox is now an impressive web browser to look for. Though it was known to be the best desktop browser in terms of flexibility, it faced a tough competition in terms of speed. And the new Firefox overcomes all those negative aspects and is now capable enough to make wise use of RAM thus ensuring faster speeds and performance. Also, the regular updates bring in increased security, password-free logins and also automatic blocking of ad trackers.

Mozilla Firefox

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Though not so efficient as the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, still Opera is one of the best options while searching for the web browsers for Windows. It is a lightweight browser with a clean and simple interface. Additionally, it comes in with a support of native ad-blocker thus it is not required to add a separate add-on. Also, get an access to Opera Turbo feature that ensures optimum use of data. And it is completely free to download on any PC or laptop.

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Microsoft Edge

Another popular Web browser for Windows PC is Microsoft Edge. After the Internet Explorer, now it is the Microsoft Edge that is claimed to be the best option for Windows 10, as well as Android and iOS platforms. Though people may not move out of the Google Chrome comfort zone, the features of the Microsoft Edge also make it quite useful while on PC. Another interesting aspect of the latest Microsoft Web browser is it integrates well with Windows 10 and is also fast yet responsive. Have a look at the new feature of Microsoft Edge on Android.

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If you are a Linux user, then you would probably have heard of the Chromium Web browser. It is an open-source counterpart on the Linux system in which the source code is almost similar to Google Chrome and adds in some proprietary stuff. In case you have both Chrome and Chromium installed, then you can easily find the difference using the blue-colored logo on Chromium. Moreover, Chromium easily gets updated thus new features add up with regular updates.

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