Ways To Fix Your Slow Internet Connection At Home

December 15, 2019

In this modern world, there is nothing you can do without an internet connection. Proper connectivity is essential to enhance productivity. It is quite annoying to find your WIFI or data connection rendering slow internet speeds. So, how can you speed up your internet connection at home? Don’t panic! There exist numerous methods that you can try out to boost up the speed. Of course! Not all of them work out! Still, you can give it a try to get a faster connection. Here, we give you some suggestions to troubleshoot or fix a slow internet connection problem.

Ways To Fix Your Slow Internet Connection At Home

Restart your computer

Though a childhood suggestion, at times, restarting your computer can help solve a slow internet connection issue. With a simple reset, you can clear out a certain setting that solves connectivity issues. Also, restart your PC/laptop to turn on the Internet adapter in case it is off.

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Reset Your Router

Sometimes, it is better to give your router a break and reset your internet connection. In case you are experiencing the speed issue, try considering to reset your router. It is better if you reset the device every day for better connectivity. If you experience serious speed issues, you might consider resetting your router every day. We don’t assure you that this will give it a fix but is a quick solution.

Adjust the position of your wireless router

It is a known fact that the WiFi router location matters a lot, especially on the signal strength. If your router is the location at corners, then position it to a higher, open space without any obstructions. This should yield better results.

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Check Your Internet Speed and Plan

Well! It is rare enough that you will utilize the maximum speed on your Internet connection. Based on your realistic experience, estimate the amount of bandwidth used and cross-check with the system. If you find that you are within your limits and still unable to access the Internet then it is time to contact your service provider.

Limit bandwidth-hogging apps and Plugins

In case, everything is working fine, then check for the programs that are blocking your connection by utilizing maximum bandwidth. For instance, BitTorrent takes maximum speed while downloading files thus making the web browsing much slower. Try installing AdBlock Plus and Privacy Badger that can block up bandwidth-hogging ads, videos, and other apps. Moreover, certain services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive take up bandwidth thus reducing the internet speed. Find out all these bandwidth-hungry apps and limit the download and upload rates.

Block Unnecessary ads

There is no content without advertisement. Though you are not having a glance at such ads, your internet connection still consumes bandwidth. At times, these media files block your Internet connection. So, it is better to block these advertisements before they slow down the speed. Try to install an ad-blocking plugin which can disable these auto-play videos.

Optimize Web Browser

Yes! Troubleshooting slow Internet speed is a major task, still, you need to browse in the meantime. You may be at a cafe or in flight, there is nothing you can do to troubleshoot the issue. In such cases, optimizing the web to handle a slow internet connection can help achieve productivity. Try using HTML or mobile versions to display only content.

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