How to watch restricted YouTube videos?

March 20, 2019

No doubt, YouTube is one of the primary mediums where we stream videos and even watch movies. But many times it happens that a video, either through a link or a website, gets blocked. This usually happens when a video uploaded has some restrictions set. The uploader may set restrictions to which countries can view them. Besides a video gets restricted even when it is tagged by a copyright holder. Hence regardless of the reasons, it is quite annoying when a video gets blocked on YouTube.

But the good thing is that there are a few methods following which, might help you get access to the restricted YouTube videos no matter in which country you are.

1. Unblock YouTube:

Unblock YouTube is one of the ways that lets you watch any YouTube video even if it is restricted. It is pretty simple and quick to use. Unblock YouTube just asks for the video’s URL that needs to be unblocked. Hence, to use Unblock YouTube, you have to go to the search box present at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the video’s URL that needs to be unblocked and click Go. The website will start picking a server and loads the video from that specific region.

unblock a video restricted YouTube videos

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2. ProxFree:

Another way to get access to your favorite YouTube videos is ProxFree. This website lets you tweak a few more settings like the server’s location which you want to view the video. This site is not only customizable but also comes up with a few extra options that helps you watch restricted YouTube videos. Using ProxFree is quite convenient. Users just have to place the video URL in the search box and then adjust options that are needed to unblock a video. Make sure to set the server location close to yours. Similarly, the IP address location should also be set to that region that is not restricted. Then hit on the ProxFree button following which, it will show you an unblocked video.

unblock a video restricted YouTube videos

3. TubeUnblock:

If you are looking for much better options, then try TubeUnblock. Compared to the above mentioned sites, this one comes up with different ways. This website works by mirroring the YouTube videos and allows people to watch their favorite videos. It can be used whenever you stumble upon a restricted video on YouTube.

unblock a video restricted YouTube videos

4. Using a VPN:

When you want to unblock a video that is restricted in certain region, then trying through VPN is also a good option. This is actually a way more powerful and effective ways of watching videos that are restricted. However, users have to note that VPNs are pretty complex and will show a great effect on slow machines.

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