5 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2018

November 24, 2018

In this busy world, everyone is looking for the best alternative that can instantly finish any sort of task with an ease. Since Android phones are the most popularly used operating system platform, it features the users with several applications that can perform every task such as voice recording on the phone. This is one of the notable features of the Android platform as it allows to record audio using your phone. Since the applications, as well as mobile phones, come handy, you now have the feasibility to record an important lecture, make an interview, take notes, record music or do anything else. Recording audio will help to have a review and can be used it later for many ways. Google Play store is loaded with numerous voice recorder apps with different features so as to serve your needs. Here, we have listed out 5 best voice recorder apps to download.

Audio Recorder

The simple yet best voice recorder app that tops our list of best voice recorder apps for Android is Audio Recorder. It is free to download an app and delivers all those necessary features that users expect from the voice recorder download. A simple click will start recording the audio, pause it any time and re-initiate the recording. Within the same screen, you have all these options, so it becomes quite easier to record only the required content. Even, it comes in with a support of microphone and an engine to improvise the built-in audio quality. In fact, this is claimed to be the best alternative to the Google voice recorder.

voice recorder

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Smart Voice Recorder

As with the name, the smart voice recorder app acts smart enough to deliver a high-quality file. It uses the advanced compression method while recording the audio, such that it ensures to save space and enhance battery life. The support of live audio spectrum helps to deliver best audio input. Smart voice recorder download also offers wave lock feature that can prevent device to enter sleep mode while recording. To download, Android smartphone should run on Android 2.3 or later version.

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Easy Voice Recorder

The best voice recording app that is developed by Digipom to enhance the voice recording experience and that suits your needs is an easy voice recorder. It is capable enough to record high-quality video. All the voice recording can be shared through SMS, social networking applications or even through email. In order to produce the best results, it provides the option of echo cancellation and noise suppression. Along with the free version, the easy voice recorder download also has a pro version with added features.

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Titanium Recorder

Voice recording is now no more a tedious task with the Titanium voice recorder download. In order to save space on Android smartphone, save the recordings in the compressed format of 3GP and ACC. Moreover, there is no size limit to record the HD quality audio. To enhance security, it even allows to scan and record unknown calls while on speaker. It further features an embedded player that lets to instantly listen to the audio files recorded. The inbuilt file manager lets to manage and organize files efficiently. All in all, this is an excellent high-quality voice recorder app for those who are looking for an extra safety feature.

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Voice Recorder

Despite featuring the generic name as a voice recorder, it picks up all those things that other voice recorder apps lack in. Apart from offering the regular features, it packs in additional features such as saving the recorded audio file in MP3 format. This means you can now be assured of having a high-quality audio file. Though it is free to download, the free version itself has a microphone tool that allows adjusting sensitivity of recorder. Another major highlight of the app is its editing capabilities. Edit your recording such as cut, trim, copy/paste, thus giving you access to create an audio file according to your need and requirements.

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