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August 1, 2016

We’re on the brink of living the Jetsons’ life, or the kind that we used to read about in books when we were kids. With the creation of Robots, Drones, Jetpacks, Holograms, 3D Printers, Smart Watches, and so on and so forth, life has gotten pretty futuristic. Virtual Reality Gadgets is another example of how hi-tech life is now.

Virtual Reality Glasses are the latest gizmos in the market, that’s created quite a stir. They’re handy, they’re innovative, and they make movie-time so much more fun.

What are Virtual Reality, or VR Glasses?


They’re a nifty pair of lightweight goggles that can be strapped on to your head through which you can enjoy an immersive visual-viewing experience. All you have to do is attach your smartphone using the slot provided, slip on the glasses, n Voila! Suddenly, you’re in your own little private theatre, sans a noisy audience and bad seating. You can even throw in some popcorn or nachos, to add to the effect.

 What are the other perks of VR Glasses?

 Watching movies in bed will be all the more amazing, as you won’t ever drop your phone on your face, when you doze off in between.

Lesser strain on your arms, as you can watch movies continuously, without having to hold up your phone all through.

You can enjoy private viewing without anybody peering over your shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of the action too. It’s especially ideal for entertainment when travelling. You can be in a world of your own, completely oblivious to your surroundings, and watch movies, or one episode after the other of your favorite TV series.

Fret not. Strapping on the glasses to your head, will not lead to a strain on your neck as it’s usually quite light in weight.

Watching Panorama 360 videos will be a mind-blowing experience on the VR Glasses, as you can control where you want to look, by just tilting your head.

You can watch a game/match, with the best seat in the court/stadium, without even being physically present there. You may even duck if a ball comes your way, as it’ll have you completely hooked.

Attending online classes will give you the feeling of actually being present in a classroom.

Dabble in experiences that you otherwise won’t be able to do, owing to personal preferences, or physical limitations. You can fly over valleys, with literal birds-eye view videos. Or explore the deepest parts of the sea. You can even hop onto the wildest roller coaster ever, for free.

VR Glasses can help rid some of their phobias. If you have a phobia of insects, and can’t go anywhere near them, with the VR glasses, you can overcome your fear with Exposure Therapy. In other words, it’ll slowly help you relax, when an insect comes close to you. This method also works for those with the fear of heights, crowds, closed spaces, and so on.

Apart from VR Glasses, there even exists VR Gloves. So if you slip on the Glasses, and the gloves, you can get the exact feel of being a part of the video, as you can also feel your surroundings. It’s absolutely mind-boggling, what this futuristic world of ours is now coming up with.

It won’t be long now before the Jetsons’ robotic arms will be invented, that pull us out of bed, have us showered and ready, and plop us onto the breakfast table, even before we can open our eyes. Now, that’s an invention to be on the lookout for.

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