The 8 Best Apps for Making and Sharing Videos on Your iPhone

July 7, 2018

Want to use your iPhone camera to make and share videos? Then have a look at these best video sharing app for iPhone that can do this task for you with an ease. While there exists plenty of video sharing apps that are capable of doing these double tasks on iPhone and iPad, still, here we have listed few of the best iPhone video sharing apps. Shooting and sharing were never so easy than with these video sharing apps. They let you capture, edit, and share the footage accordingly. Some of these specified apps are squeezed version of desktop video sharing apps, while others are completely new versions with advanced features. When talking about smartphones camera, there is nothing more advanced and feature-rich than the iPhones. All the video making and sharing apps are specialists in creating virtual reality effects, film-making, special effects and more to get the best output. Try out these best 8 apps for making and sharing videos in iPhone. Let us have a look at in detail information about each of these best video sharing apps for iPhone.


One of the best video sharing app for iPhone for free and is available for download on iTunes app is Videolicious. Editing videos were never so easy than with this great editing and sharing tool. Either add a background music or narrate a piece of video, everything can be done with an ease thus making it as best video sharing app suitable for those who are not professional editors. The user-friendly interface lets the user to just create a video and edit it by adding already exciting footage that they want to make it appear. Once all the elements on the screen are selected, the Videolicious analyzes the data and makes it fit all together. And all the process just takes less than a minute without compromising on the quality of the output.

video sharing apps for iPhone.


Rendering its support to even the latest Apple iPhone X, the iMovie is the official application that lets the user record, edit and share videos from the smartphone. Make your boring iPhone into an exciting smartphone with the help of Apple iMovie applications. Explore the iMovie app to get some basic idea of the options available and settings that can be applied on the video. It is best suitable for the experienced video editors. However, even the novice video editors can continue using but require a little practice to expertise in the iMovie video sharing app settings. Start a new project to add a new theme to the music. You always have the option to edit at any time by clicking on setting icon. Moreover, the project will be autosaved thus you need not constantly click on save.

video sharing apps for iPhone.


Add a little more life to your videos and let everyone watch your videos using one of the best iPhone video sharing apps- Splash. It was never been so simpler to make the videos more colorful as it requires just a few clicks to get the work done. Before saving, check the effects on the frame of video to find if you got the effect you are looking for. Works on iPhone 4, iPod touch last generation, all the videos processed are of high resolution. As with other video editing apps, even this app takes some time to apply filters on the selected part of a video. Well! All this depends on the video format, quality of video files, device type and more. Create a 360-degree video on your own and share it across the world. Despite the existence of best 360-degree camera in UAE, still, Splash is said to be the best tool to work. Furthermore, the Splash app supports VR headsets so as to have a great viewing experience with multiple viewing options. Splash it now with this best video sharing app for iPhone.

video sharing apps for iPhone.


The Facebook-owned app now has the new feature added which is video sharing. Similar to Vine, even Instagram 4.0 version can now capture and share video. Tap on the screen to start recording video and share the moments with the entire world at an ease. Edit the videos to add filters or use the creative tools to make it more attractive and appealing. Combine all those multiple clips to make a separate video. Try using the app to post your videos, photos and message friends directly. When recording on iPhone 4S, Instagram automatically adds a video stabilization feature. This is called as “Cinema” that can be enabled or disabled depending on necessity. After editing the video, there is even an option to add a cover frame still and add a caption. Make use of this app straightway for sharing videos on iPhone.

video sharing apps for iPhone.


Clear interface that can truly help you in making compelling videos on iPhone is Directr. Allowing to record and share 6 seconds of video, this video sharing app is said to be one of the much-needed apps in the present era. Immediately after setting up an account, you will be driven through a six-page tutorial that lets you give some idea of how to create, edit and share videos. With the working concept similar to Apple iMovie, the Directr lets to insert video clips and automatically background music adds up to the movie created. This is one of the weak points of Directr as it doesn’t let you choose any music or soundtrack. The clear buttons on the video-sharing app let to share videos across Facebook, Twitter or save the link on email and camera roll. Considering the features, the Directr is said to be the best mobile app for sharing videos on iPhone.

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Hitting the top position on the official App store page, the Socialcam is one of the best video sharing app for iPhone. Even with the millions of users, the app never slows down. It continuously renders great performance in delivering best quality video files and share them over social networking sites. Create, edit and share videos of any length over the internet with this wonderful video sharing apps. The first step to use the application is to record video and once done, add filters, effects and other different layers. Apart from recording and sharing videos over the Twitter, and Facebook, you can even enjoy creations of other from your iOS device.

video sharing apps for iPhone.

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Cute CUT

Another powerful yet easy-to-use applications that can give you complete control over the videos is Cute CUT. DRAW your own movie thus making you create a unique movie of the highest quality possible. Apart from providing the basic video editing qualities, the Cute CUT brings in some advanced editing functionality that makes it to the list of best video sharing apps for iPhone. Add a refreshing look to your video and share it across with an ease using this popular app for sharing videos on iPhone. The user-friendly interface can just make you drag and drop icons to make things happen. With 30+ drawing tools, draw your movie directly on movies and use 3 advanced brushes for those pro effects. Share your movie across or export top camera roll, everything is made simple with Cute CUT.

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If you are looking for something more than what Vine features then probably, Qwiki would be the best answer. Qwiki is a wonderful interactive video app that can stitch together all photos and videos from the iPhone camera roll, thus creates a 30-second video. Before making the best and emotional video possible, Qwiki’s software and algorithms analyze all the photos/videos from the set of events and then strings them together. The users now have the freedom to add filters, move frames around and set the speed of a clip. Once editing is done, you can now share across Facebook and Twitter with a single click.

video sharing apps for iPhone.

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