5 Free Android Apps for Video Lock and Photo Lock

October 23, 2018

Nowadays, smartphones are the best storage place to save all those sensitive data. From bank documents, official details to the photos, videos, everything is kept secure. As with the advancement in technology, the risk of privacy is being increased. We try to share images using different applications, but there are some cases wherein we don’t need everyone to find our photo or video. Considering the need for security, the Android platform has offered numerous applications that let to keep our data safe. These apps allow hiding photos and videos on Android, thus making them secure from the intruder. Here, let us look at some of the best apps that allow having a video lock and photo lock apart from the phone lock.

KeepSafe Photo Vault

Well! The first Android photo lock app that runs our mind whenever we try to hide photos or videos is KeepSafe Photo Vault. This is one of the best apps that are capable enough to safeguard any sort of media files from others. Moreover, it is bagged with massive updates which ensure proper security. As with the remaining apps, even this app features the same PIN, pattern as well as fingerprint authentication. Additionally, the hidden data can be categorized into a separate folder and can be accessed at any time to add data. It features tons of advanced security options and is highly recommended to protect the data.

photo lock app

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Gallery Lock

For those who are looking to secure their personal data including photos/videos, then the Gallery Lock is the must-have photo lock app. Available on Google Play store for free to download, this app hides the details, but at the same time allows to share those hidden photos directly from the Gallery Lock app to any other application. In case anyone tries to hack the app, then it automatically takes a snap of the person who is trying to access after three successive failed attempts. So, keep your data safe from intruding with this secured video lock app for Android.

photo lock app

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Hide it Pro

Another app that joins our list of best photo lock or video lock apps is Hide it Pro. This awesome app allows hiding details including photos, videos, messages, and even calls on your Android smartphone. The app will not be named after the Hide it Pro, instead, it will be a new audio manager app listed along with other apps. Once you launch an app, there will be different options to select photos, videos, apps, and more. Select all the photos that need to be hidden and tap on ‘Hide selected files’. The free app is loaded with ads on the top and bottom, pay few bucks to enjoy ad-free service.

photo lock app

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Galley Vault

The most popular photo lock app in the Google Play store that ensures to quickly hide photos, videos or any other files is Gallery Vault. All those media files stored in a secured vault will be encrypted thus making their existence hidden. With the simple and elegant interface, it offers several advanced features thus making it a popular choice over the privacy protection apps. Apart from hiding photos and videos, Gallery Vault also allows private browsing.

photo lock app

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With millions of downloads, LOCKit is another impressive photo lock app to choose from. Apart from offering enough protection to files, it even ensures secured phone lock. It also comes in with a built-in notification cleaner, file scanner, and even phone booster. Create a master password using either a PIN or pattern. Also, hide the pattern by making it invisible. Select the photos from gallery and hide it to secured folder/vault. Moreover, the app comes in with a power saving mode as well as intruder selfie mode. The apps also prevent uninstallation of the locked apps. It is free to download and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

photo lock app

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