How To Use WhatsApp With Landline Number?

April 13, 2019

Released in 2009, WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messaging services used by more than 1.5 billion users all across the globe. This instant messaging service, which is free of cost, has become the preferred medium of communication these days. The best thing about this service is it has a user-friendly interface and just needs an internet connection and mobile number to use the app. It not only allows messaging but also lets you make free voice as well as video calls, unlimited image sharing and more. What’s more interesting is, it is not only available on all smartphones but will also connect to contacts through a landline number.

Earlier, when the Facebook-owned company launched its business application, it provided a secure way of communication for businesses. Besides, it has also given a chance for small business owners to start their WhatsApp account through a landline number in place of a mobile number. This is a great advantage for businesses as they largely rely on landline numbers, which they can now link it to their WhatsApp business application. This way, both small and large businesses can avoid the issues caused by sharing their personal numbers with others.

Hence, here we will share the steps that help you to use the standard WhatsApp service using a landline number.

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1. The first step is to install the WhatsApp messaging service or the business application. Then open the application on any device be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other which supports this instant messenger.


2. Next, you are prompted to choose the country code and then register your 10-digit mobile number. In place of the phone number, you can provide your landline number.


3. Then the app starts the number verification process either by sending SMS or through a call. First, there will be a verification message sent to the registered phone number. But if it is a landline number, you will not receive any SMS. After the verification by MS fails, just select the “Call Me” option so as to receive a call on the landline number. Once you receive a call, the verification process gets completed.


4. During the call, a 6-digit verification code will be given by an automatic voice.

5. This verification code should be provided in the application and only after which, you will gain access to WhatsApp using your landline number.


6. After the verification is done, just complete the regular setup process like giving details of your name, profile photo, and others.

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