How To Use Night Mode Browsing In Google Chrome

June 12, 2018

Simply love late night surfing? Or is it need for you to gaze at screen continuously especially in the late night hours? Irrespective of any reason, browsing in the dark environmental conditions will definitely harm your eyes. The bright rays emitted from the monitor make you feel stressed more than you just think off. Well! All of a sudden we may not be able to change our lifestyle. Still, we have the option to reduce eye strain. Google Chrome is the most common browser that billions of people access. Being most popular web browser, it offers features that make it convenient for everyone. One such feature that is quite helpful for the late night browsers is Google Chrome Night Mode. This mode reduces the stress on eyes and lets you to carry your task effectively. Though it is aimed at the night usage, few people even prefer to use this mode in the bright lit conditions as well. There exist several browser extensions for the night mode that makes it convenient for you to browse easily at night. Before you start utilizing, read the article to find out the process of how to activate night mode browsing in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Night Mode Browsing For PC

Activating and using night mode for PC is quite easy. There even exists several Google chrome extensions like Night mode pro, high contrast, Dark reader, Hacker vision and more converts the standard Google Chrome to night mode. Follow the below process to use night mode for PC.


Step 1: Open Chrome and go to Chrome web store.

Step 2: In the Chrome web store search bar, type in the required extension you want to use for activating night mode. For example, search for Hacker vision which is free from spam.

Step 3: After searching, find the hacker vision night mode extension and install it to Chrome.

Step 4: Once successfully installed, an icon on the top-right hand appears. Just click on the icon to make the night mode browsing for Google Chrome on PC.

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Google Chrome Night Mode Browsing On Android

Step 1: Before you start using the night mode, enable the reading mode that shows the website in a simplified manner. To enable this option for chrome in Android, Go to accessibility settings, where you will find simplified view option on your Android mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei Honor 9, Huawei P10 and more.

Step 2: Once the settings is set to simplified view, it allows you to customize the themes. Customize into Light, dark, or Sepia and even adjust the font size and style. Just click on three dots beside the browser search on the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select Appearance and a pop-up lets you to adjust the settings.

Step 4: To activate android night mode, tap on the dark label.

Now that you got to know of how to use the night mode, make your next browsing session harm free especially for your eyes by enabling Night mode on your PC or Android. You even have this option to install the Google Chrome extension to activate Night mode even on iPhone. In fact, it is not a big procedure to use the night mode, it is just an extension that needs to be installed on the device you are using before you enjoy browsing.try out few Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2018 .

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