Top Six Upcoming Mobile Phones 2019

November 12, 2018

Upcoming Mobile Phones 2019

The year 2019 is expected to deliver some bomb smartphones as we are witnessing unlimited rumors and innovative technology infusion in the upcoming mobile phones 2019. This article is compiled with the best of the top upcoming smartphones of 2019 for which the customers are much excited in Dubai and globally.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy X:

The smartphones are based on innovation and technological advancement, so when we talk about the futuristic enhancement and innovation to expect in the upcoming year of 2019, Samsung is the first name touches the mind, its upcoming mobile phones 2019 list has two of the most awaited smartphones named as Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy X. For this smartphone, there are two of speculations as earlier the Samsung Galaxy X was considered to be the foldable smartphone of Samsung but recently, after the revelation of the first foldable smartphone by Samsung it is rumored that Samsung S10 Plus and Galaxy X are same smartphones releasing in 2019. The craze of upcoming phones in Dubai 2019 is high and Samsung is among the top of the list as people are intrigued to know about its upcoming release.  The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is expected to be unveiled into three variants, and the one would be having a triple lens camera whereas, the Samsung Galaxy X would be a foldable phone but the merger of both is also in prediction by some market experts subsequently it some rumors of Galaxy Note series coming to a halt are also fuming up as it could be the last Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we had witnessed.

Top Five Upcoming Phones in 2019

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iPhone Pro 2019 (Foldable 5G):

The triumphant event of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR release eventually the Apple iPhone Pro 2019 is the 2nd on the list of upcoming phones in UAE 2019. This smartphone would be an amazing device as it is considered to be foldable with the fastest Apple A13 chipset. Apple has always been much updated and advance in technology so it is supposed that this new iPhone Pro 2019 would be an ultimate device we are looking forward. It would be having the no notch OLED display with the flexibility of folding, however, 5G networking and gesture controls with the use of optimal 3D mapping will be one of the major highlights of the Apple iPhone Pro 2019.

Top Five Upcoming Phones in 2019

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Huawei P30 Pro (Pop-Up Camera):

Huawei P30 Pro is one of the most searched and popular smartphones considered to be in the list of upcoming phones in Dubai 2019. Earlier in 2018, the release of Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro was an ultra-advanced and exciting event because of the triple camera infusion, later all the smartphones jumped into the multiple camera lenses after following this norm. Whereas, the recently unveiled Huawei Mate 20 Pro has risen up the bar for the mobile phone companies. The upcoming mobile phones 2019 list has the priority of Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro which is expected to release with the pop-up camera set up like Vivo NEX.

Top Five Upcoming Phones in 2019

Nokia 9 (Penta Camera):

Nokia is not coming slowly in between the rivalry of the top flagships and Nokia has decided to deliver a bang phone with the upcoming mobile phones 2019. Nokia 9 would be the 2019 flagship of Nokia and what makes it superior is the Penta lens camera set up at the rear, the expectations are high for the upcoming phones in UAE 2019 as it is compared to be with the DSLR cameras because of its ultimate photography results.   This smartphone is much anticipated in the upcoming mobile phones 2019 as Nokia mobile phones have always been loved by the customers globally.

Top Five Upcoming Phones in 2019

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Google Pixel 4:

Google Pixel 4 is also in the list of upcoming mobile phones 2019 which are among the anticipation of the customers in Dubai and globally. After the successful release of Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL now Goole Pixel 4 is expected to be launched with the infinity display and minor drilled cut into the screen for the earpiece and front camera. The revolutionary concept design of Google Pixel 4 Ultra has dropped with all splendid features and enchanting look, however, there is no confirmation about the exact same features in the Google Pixel 4 or not.

Top Five Upcoming Phones in 2019

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OnePlus 7:

Last but not the least OnePlus 7 is also among the much anticipated upcoming mobile phones 2019, the latest release of OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T with the teardrop notch and ultra-modern features, the hype is created for the next flagship of OnePlus as it is norm of OnePlus to bring the premium features into the mid-range smartphones.

Top Five Upcoming Mobile Phones 2019

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