Upcoming Foldable Smartphones Of 2019 In UAE

June 16, 2018

Curved screens have now become the thing of the past and it is currently the age of foldable and flexible smartphones. As of now, there are only a couple of companies that have released foldable phones and many have already filed patents for such devices. This list of companies includes big names in the industry including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and others. Based on this, we can certainly say that most of the smartphones of 2019 are going to have this foldable aspect.

So far, we have gathered details of five upcoming foldable smartphones from top brands that are anticipated to arrive in 2019. Check out the details of these upcoming phones in the following.

1. Apple Foldable Smartphone:

One of the popular companies that is working on a foldable smartphone is Apple. Although the name is not confirmed yet, but it is certainly going to launch its new smartphone with a foldable display design. The Cupertino company has last year filed a patent for “Electronic Device with Flexible Displays.” In this patent, there are details provided about the electronic device that features “a flexible display in the housing having a bending region that bends about a bend axis”. It is also mentioned that the technology for this device can be used in a cellular telephone as well. However, there are no images of the phone or the display in specific, is available in the patent. But considering the amazing phones it has offered till now, we can certainly anticipate that the brand is going to surprise us with its new offering.


2. Samsung Galaxy X:

A teaser of the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone has already come out and since then, it is getting the maximum attention from the gadget lovers. After the magic that Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 devices have created, the brand is certainly up for creating the best. Sources also indicate that the Samsung Galaxy X release date in UAE will be announced next year itself. Rumors also hint at the device’s release date to be either after the MWC event or at the time of Galaxy S10 launch, which is probably in February 2019. Based on the reports, it is not just a foldable display, but Samsung is working on three screens instead of two, thus aiming to offer a product that transforms from a smartphone to tablet. As the reports suggest, the device will sport two 3.5-inch screens, whose size goes up to 7-inches when folded. In the rear, it features the third 3.5-inch screen that lets users to view even when the display is folded down.


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3. Motorola RAZR:

Motorola has also made way to this list, which has filed a patent for its new foldable smartphone with two screens. According to the reports, it will be a phone basically but can be transformed into a tablet when flipped out. A few details in the patent includes that the phone will carry dual cameras, and has hinges at the top, bottom, and middle areas. A few concept videos of the Motorola RAZR are also doing rounds that show the device look more like a traditional flip phone.


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4. LG Foldable Smartphone:

LG can be considered as the company leading when it comes to offering the foldable displays. It is because LG is not only revealing all its working examples but the screens developed by it are being utilized by other brands as well. For instance, Huawei’s foldable phone 2019 uses the screen developed by LG. Earlier this year, the company has filed a patent that reveals a smartphone sporting a flexible display that can be folded in half. It has also detailed the two different potential designs which we get to see when the device is half-folded. As per the patent, the smartphone will include main aspects such as a camera system in the backplate that displays time when folded. Whereas the other design reveals a device with a transparent section at the front for showing off notifications.


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5. Huawei Foldable Phone:

Huawei also stands among all these biggies in the mobile industry that are working on foldable screens. It has been confirmed by the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu that the brand already has a working prototype of which, the patent diagrams have also come out a few days ago. The patent hints at the device to be a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet when opened up. It consists of a Surface Book 2 type of hinge that connects two screens of every folder.


So, these are the top five smartphone makers that are planning to introduce foldable devices in the coming year.

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