3 Ways to Unlock Android Phone With Broken or Cracked Screen

September 3, 2018

It is often recommended to keep your Android smartphones protected with the lock screen. This ensures that no intruder can access your device without your knowledge. However, Android smartphone display screens are easily prone to breakages which in turn can restrict you to input the pattern or password. This is really a major issue as you will be unable to access any data on the handset. You must definitely unlock it to gain back up of data and files. During such attacks, what is the best method to unlock the Android phone or transfer any important data without the need for a password? Not to worry! We are here to help you out with some of the best methods that can unlock Android phone with a broken screen. These methods should be able to unlock the device without asking for any password.

Method 1: Using USB Mouse

One of the best solutions to unlock an Android phone with a broken screen is using a USB mouse. This is quite useful when you don’t have USB debugging enabled on your handset. All you need is an Android smartphone, OTG Adapter, and a USB mouse. Now, connect the device to the USB mouse using an OTG Adapter. Now, follow the below steps to unlock Android phone.

Step 1: Connect the device and mouse using the OTG adapter. The micro USB side should be connected to the adapter.

unlock Android phone

Step 2: Once connected successfully, you will find the pointer on the broken screen Android phone.

Step 3: Using this pointer, you can draw the screen pattern or enter device password lock.

That’s it! You are back again to access the contents of your smartphone.

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Method 2: Using Android Password Removal

Apart from the text or Pin password, the Android Password Removal can unlock any kind of password on broken or cracked screen. It can be either a fingerprint, pattern lock and any other mode, it guarantees to unlock an Android phone without losing data. The user interface is simple so that even the new users without technical skills can give it a try. Here is how to unlock an Android phone using Android Password Removal.

Step 1: Install the Android Password Removal tool to your PC and open the tool to find the user interface. Then, have a look at 5 best ways to control your Android device from PC.

Step 2: Click on “Lock Screen Removal” and try to connect the smartphone to PC using a USB data cable.

Unlock Android phone

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Step 3: Check for the Recovery Package File and reboot your smartphone using Home + Volume Down Button + Power Button together. This makes the device to enter download mode.

Step4: Once done, it will automatically start downloading the necessary package files to remove the password from your smartphone.

Step 5: After the entire downloading process, you would now be able to access the broken smartphone without the need of a password.

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Method 3: Using Google Remote Unlock

When you lost an Android smartphone, then the best method to trace the location is using the Android device manager. So, always keep it active considering the negative consequences that might occur.

Step 1: From the PC or laptop, visit Android device manager website.

Unlock Android phone

Step 2: Start scanning for the connected device. In case, the GPS is kept enabled, then automatically it shows the device linked.

Step 3: Here, you will find the option to “Lock” which can help you to unlock screen and transfer any data that is needed. Also read, 10 best free Android games 2018. Also, to enhance the performance kill Android apps running on the background.

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