UAE in Space – Hazzaa Al Mansoori to become first Emirati in Space

September 25, 2019

Today residents of UAE when they wake up see their service provider name has been changed to “1stUAEAstro” from the mobile network Etisalat and Du in service provider bar info on the smartphones.

Travel History

On September 25 the first-ever UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori start their space mission with other two persons for the International Space Station.

Other two-member will stay still mid of 2020 and Mansoor will return to Earth on October 3.

UAE in space

In the history of UAE, the first-ever person goes to space and UAE become the 19th visiting country to go to the space station, which makes the historical moments for all. Mansoor is the 240th visitor to the space station where he will spend 8 days in the space station.

Facts you know:

  1. The ISS was first launched in 1998, and it is low Earth orbit.
  2. To reach the space station the average speed of 27,724 k/h and with complete 15.54 orbits per day
  3. The cost of the orbit is USD 160 Billion, which is the most expensive orbit ever built in history.
  4. It generates oxygen using different technologies to provide crew member to save the atmosphere.
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