Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

December 13, 2018

The usage of the television is common however the innovation has brought the alternate in the television manufacturing and functionality so the LCD and LED television screens are introduced.  There was a time when we use to switch channels with the television buttons subsequently now the novelty and technology have captured the devices and we have remotes to control it from a distance.  Similarly, the TV remote is among the most used utilitarian device to permit the feasibility of switching or turning it off, changing channels and volume control from a distance without reaching close to the television set-up. Furthermore, the frequent use of remote control for TV sometimes malfunctions it due to many reasons like dropped, damaged or misused. No need to worry if you have faced the same situation as the remote control for TV and the universal TV remote apps are developed to help you out instantly. This article comprises of the best TV remote control apps 2019 for the iPhone and Android users so you can conveniently use your smartphones as a TV remote.

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Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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Remote Control for TV Android

The first spot in the list of best TV remote control apps is taken by the “Remote Control for TV” app. This is specially and dedicatedly designed for the smartphones and it is one of the top trendings and mostly downloaded TV control app Android 2019. Interestingly no need to worry about the old or new televisions as this universal TV remote is mostly compatible with all. It has the infrared radiations which allow it to function with the almost 220,000 home theatre devices, moreover, the basic user interface makes it the best TV remote control apps.

Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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SURE Universal Smart TV Remote iPhone

This next one is the TV remote control apps for iPhone 2019, it is the most simplest TV remote app with the plain user interface, the infrared radiations makes it connect with all types of televisions and home theatre devices. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the electronic devices makes the Sure universal TV remote a worthy to install in your iPhone ASAP.

Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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Remote control for TV and home electronics Android

This remote control app 2019 has the functionality of the radio waves which makes it the universal TV remote as it is congruent with the electronic devices such as sound bars or multimedia entertainment systems eventually it is easy to integrate and universal, and it works with every type of TV and electronic device through its radio wave communication medium however it is one of the best TV remote control Apps Android 2019.

Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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Smart TV Remote Control iPhone

The fourth spot in the list of remote control for TV app is taken by the “Smart TV Remote Control” as it is among the best TV remote control Apps iPhone 2019. Interestingly it is not only restricted to compensate only as a TV remote instead it is compatible with the DVD, set-top box, Apple TV, internet-connected Dish directly from the Apple iPhones. Another plus point is that you will be able transforming your Apple Watch Series 4 into a TV remote control just by downloading the Apple smartwatches supported version.

Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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Android TV Remote Control Android

This TV remote app is dedicatedly designed for Android and is selected into the list of the best TV remote control apps Android 2019. Instantly converts your smartphone into a remote control for the televisions. Not only able to use from smartphones but suitable for the tablets as well. The easy user interface and multiple controlling options have made it into the list of best remote control apps 2019.

Best TV Remote Control Apps 2019

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