What Is A Trojan Horse Virus? Methods to Remove Trojan Virus

July 12, 2018

Named after the deceptive peace during the Trojan war, the Trojan Horse Virus is a peaceful yet deceptive program that seems to be more destructive than expected. Most of the Trojan horse virus is introduced through the email attachments, downloading software, networks, cracked antivirus software, infected boot discs and more. Once the Trojan virus enters the device, it immediately starts showing off its effects such as formatting disks, slowing down PC, getting access to sensitive information, destroying information, keystroke logging and controlling the system remotely. This is one of the best methods for hackers to gain access to important information from the victim PC. So, it is always advised not to open the email attachments from unintended sender or download files that seem to be destructible. Without the victim knows, the hacker can create a backdoor to control the system remotely. Unlike viruses, the Trojan horse virus doesn’t spread itself into the computer software. Instead, it just downloads the malicious software into the system so as to modify or get access to content. While some Trojan horse virus can be detected with the help of the best antivirus program, some of them need to be removed manually. Now that we understand of what is a Trojan horse virus, let us look further into the Trojan horse virus features, its impact on a system in detail and the process of how to remove Trojan virus?

 trojan horse virus

Symptoms to Identify Trojan Horse Virus

Well! Accepting the free stuff is quite common. But, this could seem to be harmful in a few aspects especially while received from fake or unsafe websites. There exists a multitude of sites online and most of them are unsafe thus making your system prone to viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans and more. While Trojans being so powerful, let us look into some of the symptoms that can at least hint us that the system is affected.

– The computer may behave completely sluggish.
– Moving mouse cursor without your action
– Bizarre pop-up ads.
– Continuous reboots.
– Change in Taskbar
– Change in print settings
– Inability to restart or shutdown using Windows key.

How Trojan Horse Virus Can Impact Your System

Several types of effects are attributed towards the Trojan Horse integration into the system. Here let us find out some of the major changes that you can find with the Trojan horse.

Data Corruption: Some of the Trojan horse are specially designed to corrupt data on the intended system. They try to inject the virus using a proper source and the Trojan installs the program into the victim system that can corrupt the data. This can result in an OS crash or can be limited to a minor system glitch.
Key Logging: This is one of the popular tricks of the Trojan horse. Once the system is infected with Trojan virus, then they immediately run a Keylogger program. These programs keep track of all the buttons and keys that you press on a keyboard. And sends these reports to the hacker. This is quite useful to hack your confidential credit card data. Once the hacker gets to know the numerical or alphabets that are pressed while doing online purchase, then it is quite easy for the hacker to gain access to credit card details.

trojan horse virus
Remote Access: Another most common effect that we find with a Trojan horse is backdoor. It creates a separate backdoor for the hacker to get access remotely. This path gives the hacker to edit, modify or delete any data without your knowledge. This can be any sort of information including personal, financial, or destructive. Remote access Trojans are the most destructive form of Trojans that you can get in contact with.

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Steps to Remove Trojan Virus Manually

Unlike Viruses or malware, it is quite hard to remove Trojans from a computer. If you believe that the computer is infected then run a full virus scan to identify if it is a virus or Trojan. If it is a Trojan, then follow below steps of how to remove Trojan virus manually.

Step 1: It becomes quite easier to remove Trojan horse, once it is identified. If the system is infected with Trojan horse, it will display a DLL error. So, Identify the Trojan before you try to remove it.

Step 2: If you have the best Antivirus software installed and is up to date, then automatically, it identifies the malware program running on the background. To prevent the occurrence of Trojan horse always keep your Antivirus software updated.

Step 3: Before removing infected programs, first terminate the system restore function. This will ensure that the deleted files may not get restored. Once the system restore function is disabled, restart the PC or laptop and run the system in safe mode.

Step 4: Go to add or remove programs from the control panel and remove the program that is infected by Trojan horse virus.

 trojan horse virus

Once the process is done successfully, again scan the system with the updated Antivirus program to detect any malware, spyware, or viruses. For Windows 10, it has an inbuilt Windows Defender. Make sure if the Windows defender is sufficient enough or else choose from the 10 best antivirus software for Windows 10. Also, have a look at the top 5 free malware removal tools of 2018. Installing proper anti-malware tool defends your devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets against Trojan horse attacks.

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  • Trojan virus attacks the computer very badly , Data Corruption , Key Logging are the most terrible things happens to your system if trojan horse virus attacks your system.it can affect delicate data from the core of operating system.so protect it with antivirus softwares.

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  • Trojan horse virus is similar to normal human virus which slowly starts damaging your system by leaving no trace of its existence. One comes to know about their system affected by trojan horse virus ,when they loose lot of data or by keyboard logging .To understand how to prevent trojan horse virus affecting your pc one has to know what exactly it is.

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  • Trojan virus is very dangerous vulnerability and continuous rebooting is one of the hit to know that your device is hit with some virus.not a big deal as there are many antivirus software and cleaner apps which can prevent and get rid of virus .do not ignore if you find any fishy program that may look simple but impacts will be very effective.

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  • Hackers are really smart they create virus program in such a way that even few antivirus software cant detect them . trojan is one among them but very dreadful because the way it affects the computers is beyond expectations .malware’s ,and virus are the malicious content which will cause harm to your data and not only just data theft ,trojan virus can affect your pc or laptop in many ways.

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  • Trojan virus is indeed very dangerous virus which can damage lot of confidential information and many incidents have already happened which can make everyone shocked.thanks to technical advancement and the solution to this is found .there are methods to prevent and remove the virus from your laptop or pc.

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