Top Best Texting & SMS Apps For Android (Latest)

March 7, 2020

Let’s face the fact! People prefer texting over making calls. There could be several reasons to consider text messaging as a communication mode. Irrespective of the reason, sending SMS is quick and easy to do. As the popularity of the SMS increases, we find hundreds of texting & SMS apps for Android. It includes WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, and more. And not to forget! Every phone comes in with a default SMS/text messaging. Though it works right, you still look forward to a better alternative to serve the purpose. Have a look at some of the best texting apps and SMS apps for Android to download to make the messaging experience even better. Staying in touch with your family and friends is never easier!

Chomp SMS

Available around for a long time, Chomp SMS is the best texting and SMS app for Android. It tops our list for its plenty of features offered with material design. Some of the notable features include app lock, emojis, SMS block, prioritize conversations, quick reply group messaging, MMS, and schedule message. You can even stop the text from sending it if needed. It is your wish of how you want the app to look. There exist several themes and skins to choose from to customize the app according to your interest. The app is free to download with a few in-app purchases. With the Quick reply feature, no matter what you are doing on the phone, respond to text right away directly from the pop-up message bar. 

messaging app for Android

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One of the most remarkable texting apps to download on Android is Signal. Yes! It might not attract you with its look. But, start using it, and you will find it on your own. The Signal messaging app offers a single screen for all of your chats with a single compose button. It usually said to be the WhatsApp alternative. Find WhatsApp like double ticks that denotes message status. Apart from sending SMS, use Signal to do free voice and video calling to other Signal users. Also, the chats sent using the app are encrypted, thus ensuring security. Send text, photos, documents, and videos to a group or an individual. Store your thoughts right away using the handy “Note to Self” feature. Download the desktop version for Windows, Linux, and Mac to enjoy features on PC. 

messaging app for Android

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Facebook Messenger

Available for many generations, Facebook Messenger continues to take its place in the list of best texting & SMS app for Android. Facebook has tons of users, and to be in contact with all those loved ones, you probably will never think of switching to others. Though not the best option, Facebook Messenger is the convenient SMS app. Interestingly, you need not have a Facebook account to use messenger services. Just sign up with a mobile number and send messages to everyone who is using the service.

SMS app for Android

In case you have a Facebook account, jump directly to the messenger to send a message. It includes all the necessary messaging features you expect. Send text messages for up to 150 people and react accordingly using GIFs, stickers, and emoji. It isn’t just a messenger; it allows us to perform a set of activities like playing games, watching videos, sharing music, sending money, and more. 

Pulse SMS

Looking for the best text messaging app for Android smartphone, then there is nothing better than Pulse SMS. Not only for Android, but it also works on almost all platforms, including PC. Use your phone number and direct text from the PC/tablet. However, these features require to choose the Pro version. Back up your conversation or block specific numbers if you intend to. Give custom themes for individual conversations as well. The app is highly customizable and flexible enough. With the easy-to-use interface, you can easily focus on communicating rather than learning the navigation process. If necessary, pin essential messages to make them display on the top. 

SMS app for Android

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One of the reliable texting & SMS app to download on Android is Textra. With the stylish UI, Textra has the highest rating of all available on the list. Pick your theme to enhance the texting experience. Also, choose from dark mode, slide to delete, delayed sending, and more features. Moreover, you can start using many features for free. And there a pro version that unlocks with for $2.99. With the plethora of customization options, you will never regret spending a few bucks. Another exciting feature is the ability to make it look like an iPhone messenger. Set colors separately for your friends, family, or others. There is even a built-in SMS scheduling, SMS blocking, quick replies, and more.

messaging app for Android

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