Top 5 Places To Rent A Car In Dubai

October 17, 2019

Planning for a vacation? Dubai is one of the safest places to travel around. Every day we get to see many people heading to UAE as it offers everything to make the holiday memorable. From eye-catching architecture, beaches, sparkling lights in the night, great cuisine food to sporting events! There is everything you desire. While traveling around in Dubai, renting a car is a wise option than using public transports or taxis. The major roads in top shape and the easy to follow signals let you have a great experience while exploring. There are numerous Dubai car hire companies that cater the most to the business travelers or the short-term travelers around. Additionally, there is an option of long-term rentals from most popular car rentals in Dubai. Before you choose to rent a car in Dubai, here are some important things to know.

Things To Know To Rent A Car Dubai

As a visitor, there are tons of rules that you need to take care of.

– If you are from one of the Gulf Corporation Council Countries then you can drive/rent a car using a home country driving license.

– Visitors from other countries need to get the International Driving Permit to drive a car Dubai.

– Moreover, visitors cannot drive private cars. If you are willing to drive a car, then rent a car that is properly licensed and has insurance coverage.

– Almost all the car rental companies ask you to pay some security deposit which will be blocked on your card and is refunded within 15-29 days. In case, you are driving a car and breaking the traffic rules then the fine will be automatically deducted from this security deposit.

– Minimum age to rent a car Dubai is 21 years.

Rent a car in Dubai

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Documents Needed To Rent A Car Dubai

– Driver’s License

– UAE residents need to submit a UAE ID card along with a driver’s license to rent a car in Dubai.

– Non-UAE residents should have the International Driving Permit from their native country to rent a car.

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Places To Rent a Car in Dubai

One of the best ways to rent a car in Dubai is online. We have numerous car rental services online offering different Dubai car rental rates. Below is the list of some of the popular places to rent a car in Dubai.


Aiming to offer competitive pricing and flexibility to the loyal customers, Carlease rental company gives out multiple options to choose from. Interesting offers available ensure to give out the best quality deal at affordable prices. It can either for the short-term or long-term, this is one of the best options to rent a car in Dubai.

Epic Rent a Car

From the Mini Elite to Full Size Luxury SUV LFBV, you get every type of car you desire with Epic Rent a car. The basic car rental price starts at AED 92 per day which is a more affordable option especially when you are in Dubai for short trips. Moreover, for long-term trips, this company is open to negotiation.

Rent a car in Dubai


This is the popular UAE company that allows the customer to pay for the kilometers you travel rather than for a certain period. Also, there is a unique application to track the money spent on a monthly basis. With the Payperkay, you pay for what you use. Choose your favorite brand new car and enjoy your vacation without any hassles!


The first car rental company in the Middle East that charges on a minute basis is Udrive, It takes only a few minutes to rent a car in Dubai from Udrive. Locate the car of your choice and drive off after registering. You can drive along everywhere and return the car at any location within the same city where you started the trip.

Rent a car in Dubai


Get the best car rental price in Dubai with Europcar. Become a member to unlock free hires, discounted price, and priority check-in. All the vehicles with Europcar Dubai are well-maintained. From compact cars to luxury you can rent a car on a daily basis, monthly or for long-term.

Rent a car in Dubai

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