Top 5 Camera Smartphones Of 2017

January 3, 2018

Last year, we have witnessed the entry of some of the best smartphones in UAE. In almost all the 2017 releases, we can highlight certain features that are completely new, and innovative. Meanwhile, we have also seen some features in their best ever advanced versions, such as cameras. In recent times, smartphone cameras have become the most preferred choice for even professional photographers. With DSLR like image quality and high-end specs, the phone-fitted-cameras have many times even outperformed the original point-and-shoot cameras.

So, let us now put the best smartphones on this list, which have the best cameras.

Apple iPhone X:

The iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the best devices so far, among the Apple’s range of smartphones. The dual 12MP camera setup is one of its crucial features, which made it one of the top picks in this segment. One of these sensors gets the f/1.8 six-element lens, while the telephoto camera comes with the f/2.4 lens. Both these sensors are further assisted by the optical image stabilization, thus delivering exceptional photos with amazing clarity. Be it bright or low light surroundings, the White Balance in the iPhone X ensures proper and well-saturated hues. Pictures clicked using flash also give out good details. Thanks to an upgrade on the telephoto camera, which makes taking sharp portraits and better zoom shots possible. Then there is Bokeh effect and portrait mode which gives you blur-free and realistic images. The front shooter of 7MP with the f/2.2 lens, face detection is also good enough for accurate selfies. The high-end camera with excellent add-ons is one of the good reasons to buy the Apple iPhone X.


Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL:

The Google Pixel phones are also on the list of the best smartphone cameras in Dubai. Both these handsets sport the same camera specs, which include a 12.2MP shooter in the rear and front camera of 8MP. With larger pixels, you can expect good light exposure on the clicked snaps. The camera on pixel phones are no different to the Nexus 6P’s, but the former packs in a powerful processor that allows using HDR Plus most of the time, without any slowdown. The assistance of optical image stabilization further takes its performance to the next level.


HTC U11:

Count on the HTC U11 for the best photography on a smartphone. It is a great performer in terms of camera aspects. With 12Mp primary and 16MP secondary cameras, you can click some seriously crisp and clear images, irrespective of any light condition. The camera is supported by additional features such as phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilization. This is a phone with large pixels and this indicates pictures with minimal or no blurs in the background.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Here comes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is noted as one of best phones of 2017 in UAE for various reasons, and one is its camera specs. The pictures captured using this device are far better in quality compared to most of its predecessors. It packs in a dual primary camera of 12MP+12MP, while the front selfie camera is of 8MP with autofocus and auto HDR functions. The dual cameras are supported by 2xoptical zoom as well as optical image stabilization. Besides, the Live Focus feature is an add-on, which lets you blur the photo background to a certain extent, both before and after taking a shot.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

Sony is never out of place when talking about phones with the best cameras. Its Xperia XZ Premium features an excellent camera with the 19MP sensor in the rear and a 13MP shooter at front. The main snapper is further backed up by functions like face detection, HDR, laser autofocus and electronic image stabilization. With this device, Sony lets you take snaps in three different slow motion modes. In most of the scenarios, you can expect well-exposed shots with high details and excellent clarity.


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