Top 5 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

December 5, 2019

Privacy is always a concern, especially with smartphones! They carry numerous data that is confidential and you never want it to be revealed. As social networking sites are becoming popular, people tend to share almost everything. It is a popular mode of communication. Be it a message on the WhatsApp, Facebook or any other messaging app for Android, there is every chance for someone to take a screenshot of the messages. Of course! These instant messaging apps offer numerous security features such as encryption. At times, they fail to keep your chat conversations safe thus making it easily accessible to friends and family. Here comes the need for a self-destructing messaging app particularly on Android that can delete messages automatically. We understand your concern and brought you a list of self destructing messaging apps available on the Google Play store.


One of the best self-destructing messaging app for Android to download is Telegram. It works with the main focus of privacy and speed. Telegram app is free to use, simple, secure and packs in numerous self-destructive features. Send unlimited photos, videos, files of every type over Telegram securely. If you are concerned about privacy, then prefer using Secret Chats. It is programmed to delete messages automatically both on the sender and recipient device. So, send any type of content which disappears instantly according to your interest. Its end-to-end encryption technology ensures that the message is read-only by the intended recipient.

self destructing messaging app


The popular messaging app that is used to share images is SnapChat. As soon as you send the images, it deletes them within seconds after the recipient reviewed the photo. This free SnapChat app is available for Android, iPhone and other devices. Send messages similar to any other SMS apps for Android without paying any fees. It is most widely used by young enthusiasts to send snaps. With over millions of photos to share per day, SnapChat is a perfect option to securely send messages online.


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For the professional environment wherein communication with the clients need to be confidential, Wickr takes its role. It provides a secure way of communication to send text, images, PDF documents, audio and video files. With the military-grade encryption techniques in place, it prevents anyone to open a message. Additionally, you can set a particular expiration date from one second to five days. Once the recipient opens the message, the timer begins and gets deleted automatically after the expiration time. Moreover, Wickr integrates with popular document-sharing services like Box, Dropbox, and Google drive thus allowing them to send documents securely. Importantly, it is free to use.

Wickr self destructive app


Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and macOS platforms, the Confide is a confidential instant messenger that auto deletes messages. With the end-to-end encryption, your messages are completely secured. No one would be able to take a screenshot of the app thus making it more secure. Once the messages are read, they disappear forever. With Confide, you can even send photos/videos. The premium features of the application allow to send unlimited attachments. If you are sending out a message by mistake to another user then unsend the message before the person even reads. Apart from several cool features, Confide also offers unusual messaging features including file sharing, group chats and more.


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Though less popular self-destructing app for Android, DONTALK is a powerful application that specializes in the task of self-destruction. Try sending a message and find the message being deleted automatically within a certain period. If necessary, the app can also recover the messages that are wiped out by mistake. Are you in a group chat? Do Whisper to one person without creating a separate chat room.

self destructing app

So, if you are looking out for the best self destructing messaging apps for Android to erase private conversations then this list should do well. Hope you will have secured texting online!

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