Top 5 Best Police Scanner Apps

October 1, 2019

Get regular updates on what’s happening on the streets or monitor the cops regularly using the best police scanner apps. These apps do wonders for you on Android smartphones. For those who are unaware, Police scanner apps let to listen to live broadcasts from law enforcement. There could be several reasons why you require a police scanner app. Download the free police scanner app to follow breaking news, find what’s going on in your neighborhood, or get updates on emergencies wherever you are. The scanner apps are the best possible alternative to the expensive police scanner. So, get the required updates directly on your smartphone using the best Police Scanner application.


With over 6500 global channels to listen from, Broadcastify police scanner app sorts channels by metro area and country. Search for the channels near your location and create your favorite list. Also, push notifications for all the major incidents happening around your location. The free version of Broadcastify is with ads while the premium subscribers enjoy the service without ads.

Scanner Radio

The most popular police scanner application with access to 5300 radio stations is Scanner Radio. It allows us to view the top 50 scanners and notifies you when huge traffic is directed towards a particular station. Also receive notifications of major events, emergencies that take place. It holds material design and offers tons of useful features. The free version offers many features along with ads. While the pro version costs a little but removes ads and adds few extra features.

Police Scanner

One of my favorite applications that allow connecting with EMS and police feed is Police Scanner. The best part of this application is it’s simple and easy to use interface. Thanks to the app design! Also, get additional feeds from Australia, Canada, Chile, and Ireland. Another best attribute with the app is the ability to listen to feeds despite a slow internet connection. Since it feeds the news concerning GPS location, the Police scanner app is claimed to be the versatile scanner to get quick feeds.

5-0 Radio Scanner

The next Police scanner app to download for free on Android is the 5-0 Radio Scanner. While all the traditional scanner apps concentrate on the functional design, here is a new entry with more than 25 million downloads. The 5-0 radio scanner application allows listening to feeds including EMS, fire, police, military codes and train feeds. It is available for both iPhone and Android. The International coverage feature allows to detect the location and determines relevant feeds.

Scanner 911

Another popular and highly-rated scanner app is Scanner 911. It works with the main focus on EMS and law enforcement. Thanks to the modern interface that adheres to the latest Google Material design guidelines. It offers a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to navigate. Also, adjust the audio settings to get a better sound quality. Scanner 911 helps to find nearby scanners, listen to the background, control the stream using headset buttons or lock screen controls.

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