Top 5 Best Fake Call Applications

October 2, 2019

Pranks calls was a fun activity to pass the time sometime before. They are not the most popular thing for the youngsters of this generation now. Nowadays, Caller ID is very sensitive issues and some significant legal issues made the prank call fun very difficult to do like we enjoyed it before. However, at this time, we still have a small fan base who is pretty loyal to fake calls and they wanted to continue with their fun. So some developers took this seriously and worked on introducing some fake call applications which can help you with this prank calling thing.

Fake Call

What Are Fake Call Applications?

Fake call apps or prank calls are the applications that are used to simulate incoming calls to make it look like someone else is calling you. This app allows you with the chance to pardon yourself from a discussion or circumstance so as to answer a “significant” call. Some of them even have a one of a kind activation highlights, such as sending a text or clicking the power button a specific number of times.

Types of Fake Call Applications

Generally, we have two types of prank call applications. The first type of fake call application is the one that spoofs the caller IDs and acts up with fake voices. The second type of application is where you can listen to the pranks and fake calls of different people. In this article, you’d be able to read about both of the kinds.

List of The Best Fake Call Applications

If you are all caught up in boredom or stuck in a sleepover with oldies then these applications are the best fit for you. These applications accompany greater efficiency and let you engage more through tricking your companions by telling them that Barack Obama, Shahrukh Khan or Tom Cruise, similar to VIPs or other social personalities and any of your ideal ones is calling you.

You can ridicule your loved ones by enabling them to realize that President Obama is assembling you for a mystery conference. LoL! these applications don’t identify with this present reality, yet you can clear a path of dapper and intriguing things having these kinds of Fake Call Apps on your cell phones. So simply appreciate a list of beneath fake phone calling applications and tease your pal.


This application is direct, not too complicated and simple. Fake-a-call auto-fills who is calling you from the contact list. Just like the regular phone calls, you can set up the ringtones specifically. A level up is that you can pre-schedule a call if you know that in the future, you’d be walking into some awkward situation.

Fake-a-call application

Caller ID Faker

This application is a caller ID spoofer app. It calls itself a fake call application but it mainly just hides your number. It uses a third-party service in order to spoof a caller ID. You just enter the phone number that you want to call on and the number you want the call to go from and the app will do the rest of it.

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Gogo Call

The main feature of the application is, once you set up everything, the Gogo call enables you to make a call by pressing the power button four or six times in a series. It is a pretty good hack. Whenever you find yourself in a bad situation, you just need to press the power button a few times and that is all. The app does not run in the background so you need to be a little active over it.

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Jokes Phone

Jokesphone is a pretty good entertaining app. It has some pre-recorded prank calls. You place a call and the app does the rest for you. Each call is linked with a third party so no one can track your phone too. In addition to that, each of your call is recorded automatically for fun. So, if you are hanging out with some old friends or cousins, this is the best thing to pass your time together.

jokes phone fake call app

My Phone Robot

My phone robot is one of the most popular fake call applications out there. It’s one of the trick call applications with pre-recorded messages. You pay for credits, place the call, and the My Phone Robot does its thing. It additionally records the prank for your enjoyment later. It’s nothing too specific, unique or special in this article but a fun app to have on the phone. The credits can be expensive and the recorded messages are all in or all out. In any case, it does work and it additionally conceals your telephone number.

MyPhoneRobot - best fake call application for android


So, here was our list of some of the basic but fun calling apps. All the applications mentioned above are the most popular and the best top five fake calling applications. Let us know which one is your favorite and how do you enjoy pranking people on the call. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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