Top 5 Best Android Apps To Find A Stolen Phone

May 31, 2018

Worried about what to do if your Android phone is lost? Don’t panic! Just stay relaxed. Here are the best Android apps that can track your stolen device from anywhere at any time. Whether the device is from Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Sony, or any Android device, these apps are the best to recover the stolen Android smartphone. While all these apps have the basic capability to track your device location, they differ in terms of other advanced features like capturing a photo, getting recent dial list, triggering alarm and more. So, it’s your choice to select the best Anti-Theft application that can help you to find your device when stolen. One thing that should be remembered is only a few apps allow you to install the application after the phone is lost. For the remaining, you need to install it prior as a preventive measure. Let’s go through the details to get your phone back.

Avast Anti-Theft

One of the best-stolen phone app to track android phone and is available for free to download is Avast Anti-Theft. It can help locate your phone using a web-based mobile phone tracking feature. This web-based interface allows you to manage or control your droid remotely if stolen. Just visit, from where you can lock the device thus ensuring the data security. It even gives access to click photos of surroundings or record audio which makes it easier to locate a phone. There is even a stealth mode that automatically hides the app from the thief. So, the thief will be completely unaware of everything that you do with this stolen phone checker.


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Prey Anti-Theft

Capture the prey with an ease using this best app for locating my phone in Dubai. Install this stolen phone app prior, to make yourself tension free even if the phone is lost. A simple SMS command activates the software and you will get notifications specifying the phone locations. Just type in GO PREY in caps to activate the prey. Log in to control panel via a webpage to specify it as ‘Missing’. Once done, you will automatically receive the notices of the lost device location. There is even an option to trigger alarm remotely even if the mobile is in silent mode. Since the app will be hidden once activated, the prey will be unaware of all these actions. It can be uninstalled only with a specific password. This app to locate my phone in Dubai is completely free and you can protect up to 3 devices with a single account. This app works great with the smartphones running Android 8.0 Oreo such as OnePlus 6, Huawei Honor 10, Nokia 1, Sony Xperia XA1 and more.


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Where’s My Droid

When it comes to the find my phone apps, one of the most popular names that we hear is Where’s My Droid. It comes in with many features and is the easiest way for the stolen phone checker. This stolen phone app can track your device via GPS. Make it ring/ vibrate from the remote location. If you are unable to hear the ring sound then find it using GPS location. Get notified if there is a change of SIM or phone number on your device instantly. While all the basic features are given out in a free version. To get advanced features you need to get upgraded to Pro version. The pro version lets you click photos via device camera and sends you an email.


Cerberus Anti-Theft

The diverse set of features included make the Cerberus Anti-Theft the best stolen phone app. It has all those necessary features of a tracking android phone application like remote messages, remote lock, remote alarm, SIM change alert, and more. Though the free trial is for one week, you can enjoy the benefits by purchasing the lifetime license for a minimal price point. Interestingly, the app doesn’t need an internet connection to work. Get it now to gain a remote control of your lost android phone.


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Android Lost Free

Another great find my phone apps that offer many features that other stolen phone apps give us in paid version is Android Lost Free. Remote control your device, retrieve the recent call list, trigger an alarm with a flashing screen, click photos or lock phone. Almost anything is possible with this best stolen phone checker. Although available for free, the app makes your phone to speak using the text to speech converter. If SIM card change happens, then it alerts you via an email. The remote install feature lets you install and use the app even after the phone is lost. In order to prevent uninstallation, the app is made hidden from the thief.

Other Methods to Track A Lost Android Phone

→ You can even locate the stolen phone using Find My Device. Just visit the website, and enter the required credentials. Select your lost device name on the left end of the page. This will automatically prompt to search for the lost Android phone location. The only drawback is, it may not be able to find the location if the device is off or if it doesn’t have a data connection. However, you still have the feasibility to lock the phone thus allowing to protect data.

→ Even Google Maps can help track Android phone. Visit, login to the Google account that is used on your Android device and click on a timeline. Enter all the required details to review the Android location history. You could see the location only if the phone is ON and is connected to the cellular data or Wi-Fi.

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