Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of 2018

May 29, 2018

Apple iPhone is the most popular gadget around the world. With the technological advancement, there is nothing like impossible with the handy smartphone. Considering the need and importance of a smartphone in a human life, the smartphone sector is trying to integrate plenty of applications that can make life much easier. Previously, Android was thought to be the best platform offering numerous free apps to download. But, now even iPhone users can also enjoy the benefits as in Android smartphone. There is an availability of hundreds of iPhone apps to download, picking the best is quite tedious. Most importantly most of the iPhone applications are free to download thus making it available for every iPhone user. Most of these free apps for iPhone are even compatible with iPad as well. Searching through the entire list of apps can be a chore. Let us make it simple for you. Here we have listed out our choice of top 10 free apps for iPhone that you must try out.

1. 1Password

Remembering passwords is always a tough thing for everyone. To make it easy for you, here is the best free iPhone app that can remember all your passwords. Considering the confidentiality, the app is given the best-secured mechanism that lets you keep your data safe and secure. Just remember a single password of your account and behind it, you can store any password related to your email accounts, bank accounts, and more. Add your passwords and 1 Password is there to manage the rest. Make the password stronger using the password generator. Its never been so easy than without the best 1Password iPhone app.

Free Apps for iPhone

2. Spotify

Delivering excellent music, the Spotify app is one of the world’s popular iPhone app rolling around. Though it lacks in few features like live radio, sports and other features, still it is the excellent music streaming service. To access this wonderful app, just download the mobile app on your iPhone. It can play the music in different formats like MP3, M4P, MP4. This would be your one-stop solution to play all your favourite music streams on iPhone. As for the pricing, there is a free version as well as paid version. Depending on your need, you can choose the version and package.

Free Apps for iPhone

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3. Shazam

With hundreds of downloads every day, the Shazam free app for iPhone is a popular music app. With a single tap, you gain access to video clips, lyrics, and other music streaming services. Shazam is an intelligent app that can discover any music that you throw. While it may not recognize every song in the world, but it is capable enough to recognize the song within few seconds. The easy-to-use interface makes it more popular. Either Shazam music offline or save it for future or share the music with your friends, almost everything related to music is possible with Shazam.

Free Apps for iPhone

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4. SnapChat

Capture and share photos or videos with your friends, contacts with the most popular photo-sharing app- SnapChat. It is real-time picture sharing an app that lets you set limited time(1-10seconds) to view the image. Just click a pic, add text if you intend to and set the time limit. With millions of users, SnapChat is trying to roll out new features often thus keeping it fresh and updated. There exists different filters, stickers, drawing options, AR lenses that can be applied to your photos/videos. Download it now on your iPhone or iPad for free to get the most of it.

Free Apps for iPhone

5. Gumtree

Though not so popular, the Gumtree iPhone app lets you buy or sell nearly anything from your iPhone. Download the Gumtree mobile app for free and discover daily deals near you. Save your search for future so that you will never miss a deal. It is the best marketplace online to find everything that you are looking for and just a few clicks can get you the item to your doorstep. With the easy to use interface, you will never find issue shopping online with Gumtree free iPhone app.

Free Apps for iPhone

6. Waze

Avoid traffic areas or any real-time hazards that may happen in the near future with a simple iPhone app- Waze. Download it for free on iPhone and get to know everything that is happening on road. In case of heavy traffic, Waze guides you through alternate route thus saving your valuable time. Since your safety matters more, Waze is designed with large buttons thus making it easier to access while driving. This is the best mobile mapping apps available for iPhone users. Download the latest version of Waze app now to keep yourself away from unexpected traffic, hazards, and more.

Free Apps for iPhone

7. Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook mobile app for your iPhone lets you sync your email contacts, files, and other information. It merely supports every email account and is completely flexible enough to use. The mobile app is given another added feature called Focused View through which you can filter down the emails that are not important. It is even given other features like customizable swipe gestures, integrated calendar and more. Everything is perfectly designed and integrated, thus made it to the top list of best free iOS apps.

Free Apps for iPhone

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8. SnapSeed

Though the iOS has an inbuilt application for basic photo editing, to get something more and better, it is better to download one of the free apps for iPhone- Snapseed. Developed by Google, the Snapseed application is a professional photo editor featuring multiple tools and filter options. It is ought to be the best alternative to the Adobe Photoshop express. All the filters and other changes are non-destructive. So, you need not worry about losing the original photo. To make your picture spot-free, there is even a spot removal brush to use. Considering the features included, the Snapseed is considered to be one of the best free iOS apps for photo editing on your mobile. To get a DSLR like a video effect on your iPhone, check here for the 10 best apps to record DSLR-like video on Apple iPhone.

Free Apps for iPhone

9. Facebook

To maintain a social relationship with your iPhone, there is a Facebook application to download for free. Download it now to make it official on your mobile and is considered to be the must-have app to stay in touch with your friends, family, colleagues and to gain vital information. The Facebook Messenger apps let you have a chat with your connected friend’s list. This is the best way to interact with the community. Apart from iPhone, the Facebook app is compatible with iPad, Mac, PC, Android and more.

Free Apps for iPhone

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10. Reddit

Discover all those latest news, funny jokes, breaking news, video clips with the best free iOS app- Reddit. Download the official version now to discuss your favourite topic, share your photographs, passion, books, movies, TV shows and more. With millions of Reddit users, you can narrows down the list based on individual subreddits. Subscribe to your favourite subreddit and get the updated feed regularly. Be with the world and share everything of your interest by downloading one of the best free iPhone apps 2018.

Free Apps for iPhone


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