Top 10 Credit Cards In Dubai

October 16, 2019

In this latest generation, credit cards have become a major necessity. With the increase in demand for credit cards in Dubai, banks started to give out offers and promotions. These rewards are quite exciting which lets anyone look for one! Now, the big question is which credit card to choose from?

Selecting the best credit card is a bit difficult with a pile of options available in the crowded UAE market. So, here we are with the list of top 10 credit cards that you can prefer.

Credit cards in Dubai

The Best Credit Cards in Dubai

Before getting into the details, let us first understand the difference between credit and debit cards. These are quite confusing terms for many!

A debit card is free to use which means there are no monthly or yearly fees to maintain. You just use the money that you already have in your account. As for the credit card, you are using bill money. This is the amount that you need to pay every single month. Its very simple to use, just pay off the bill you spent as the statement comes in.

Majid Al Futtaim (Najm) Platinum Cashback Card

One of the most beneficial credit cards in Dubai that is available just to manage your everyday expenses is Majid Al Futtaim (Najm) Platinum Cashback Card. It offers major discounts on travel and charges no annual fees. Some of the perks include travel discount of up to 50%, buy 1 get 1 free offer on movie tickets and up to 30 percent off on dining.

credit cards in Dubai

Dubai First Royale Card

It is one of the most prestigious cards in the world. This exclusive credit card is an invitation-only card with no spending limit. The card is available around the world, but you find most of the cardholders from UAE. It is a master card with black, gold and diamond rolled into one. The left-hand and top end of card are actual gold and 0.23-carat diamond is inlaid to the card. It is available only for the selected high net worth individuals.

credit cards in Dubai

RAKBank Titanium Credit Card

This Titanium Credit card in Dubai from RAKBank gives out a host of benefits such as free travel accident insurance, free purchase protection, 5 percent cash back on international purchases and 3 percent cash back on every domestic purchase. It is free to use for a lifetime and renders exclusive deals on dining, jewelry, and other purchases.

credit cards in Dubai

Emirates NBD Credit card

Travel around the world with the ENBD credit card. It offers its members with lifestyle perks such as golf privileges, health club benefits and more. The Emirates NBD plus points program is something to talk about. For every AED 100 spent, you get a 1plus point that can be redeemed for retail merchandise, voucher and flyer miles.

credit cards in Dubai

Standard Chartered Platinum Card

Get unmatched benefits of up to 10 % cashback for the amount spends over AED 10,000 on school fees. Also, get a cashback on other payments made using this card. This card applies to everyone who earns AED 12,000 or more.

credit cards in Dubai

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ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card

Do you travel often? Then, here is an ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum card that covers every single location. Also, enjoy valet parking at selected locations in the UAE and get free roadside assistance is better to go.

credit cards in Dubai

Mashreq Platinum Elite Card

One of the best credit cards in Dubai for those earn above AED 7000 is Mashreq Platinum Elite Card. Get special discounts on shopping, dining, lifestyle, entertainment and more. Avail this card to get 4 salaam points for every dirham spent in UAE and 10 Salaam points for every dirham spent overseas. Also, get a discounted price to the Abu Dhabi City Golf club.

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

Get the most of the global benefits that HSBC offers using the HSBC Platinum Select credit card. You need not open a bank account to use this service. For every AED spent, you get to enjoy travel benefits. Using this HSBC credit card, get 30 % off on selected restaurants, 50% off on movie tickets and one 1 Air mile for every AED 4 spent. There is no annual fee but a minimum salary to get this card is AED 5000.

Credit cards in Dubai

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FAB Visa Credit Card

This master card allows us to get high travel benefits. Also, it offers FAB stars on every AED spent. You get a chance to win 1.75 FAB for every AED. Also, enjoy a wide range of discounts in and around UAE. Get complimentary travel insurance on purchasing tickets using this card. While there is no annual fee, but it demands a minimum salary of AED 8000.

Credit cards in Dubai

CBD Super Saver Credit Card

As the name suggests, CBD super saver credit card helps in saving on every purchase that you make. Some of the offers include 10 percent cash back on retail spending, 2 free valet parking services, and 1 percent cash back on every AED 2 spent.

credit cards in Dubai

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