Top 10 Cars Under 10000 AED in Dubai

November 28, 2019

If you are aware of the preferences and have enough budget, then purchasing a new car in UAE is a simple task. What if your budget is limited to AED 10,000? Well! It is a known fact that all of us cannot afford the luxurious expensive vehicles, still, we want to try out one. The powerful engine with trendy style and design is something to look for! Finding a used car in Dubai that is affordable and in good condition is quite difficult. We understand your concern! Here we compiled a list of 10 cars in Dubai that you can purchase under Dh10000. So, you need not break a bank to get a safe ride on your favorite car. Each and every car specified below are affordable, luxurious, and have all the advanced safety technology features you desire.

Mercedes Benz S Class 300 SE, S320

Though a very bold statement in the automobile industry, but the Mercedes Benz S Class 300 SE, S320 is the best-built vehicles of all the time. The S Class is claimed to be the car of leaders. But, you are unable to afford the expensive price and still desire for an S class. Fret not! You can still get one in the decent working condition for about AED 10000. If you are lucky enough, you can buy out one even at a lower price. However, being a used car, have to spend around AED 2500 to fix some bits and bobs.

cars under AED 10000

Lexus LS400

The first car ever developed by the Toyota Luxury division is Lexus LS400. With its extraordinary build quality and smooth drive offered, it joins our wish list. Let your wish come true! As the Lexus LS400 used car is available online for around AED 10000. Exciting! Despite being the Japanese car, you won’t find any Japanese specs. It tends to give out huge mileages.

cars under AED 10000

Chery Arrizo 3

Get Cherry Arrizo 3 in good condition at just AED 8000 or less. With an efficient 1.5 L V4 engine onboard, this is the compact sedan to buy among the used cars in Dubai. It is a superb daily commuter for your ride in the UAE. It gives out good value for money with its decent handling as well as the well-designed internals. Most of the cars come in with leather seats, parking sensors, and a warranty. Now, it depends on your interest in how to customize the car with the best car accessories Dubai for the best price in UAE.

cars under AED 10000

BMW 3 Series E46

The next in line for the luxurious car in Dubai which you can get for Dh10000 or less is BMW 3 Series E46. Yes! You heard it right! The BMW E46 is the biggest success car in Dubai for the German company. One of the notable benefits is it is economical to run. As with all the luxury cars, this BMW series is compact and sporty.

cars under AED 10000

Mercedes Benz E Class

Here is another luxurious car in Dubai which you can pick it for less than AED 10000. We are talking of another Mercedes Benz in E Class. Just don’t go for the looks! Its massive trunk and the reliable engine in place, the Mercedes Benz E Class is a perfect option while driving out with family.

Jaguar S-Type

What do you think of Jaguar S-Type? This is, in fact, claimed to be a perfect alternative to the BMW 5 series. Of course! It is not a cup of tea for everyone. It was originally introduced back in 1999 and it took several years to get into the market. While the V8 model is fun to drive, the V6 specifications are cheaper and good to go. So, while looking out for the S-Type cars in Dubai then you should get it probably for AED 8000 or less.

cars under AED 10000

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Toyota Camry 2001

The average used car Toyota Camry 2001 price in UAE is around AED 7500. Even the experts agree the fact 2001 model is the most reliable car ever built. The spacious interior with the soft seats and handy controls make the driving experience even better. It has the front-wheel-drive and packs in a 4-cylinder or V6 engine. Moreover, the maintenance and repair costs low thus becoming an option within your budget. You can get the best car care accessories Dubai online at the lowest price possible.

cars under AED 10000

Toyota Corolla 2002

Have fun driving with the Toyota Corolla 2002 model at just AED 7900. It is reliable and runs amazing on gas. For those looking for a dependable car that can last for a while and is good on gas mileage should definitely consider Toyota Corolla 2002 model. Though there are no bells and whistles still is fast, reliable and feels great to drive. Even in the snowstorm, the car should make you reach the destination.

cars under AED 10000

Nissan Sunny 2011

Can the Nissan Sunny rival its Japanese counterparts? Of course yes! The balanced design on the exterior surface with the Nissan Logo on it is something to look for. Even the interior looks remarkable. It used the same Micra platform for this spacious sedan. If you are choosing the used car, then check online for the best car interior accessories Dubai. As for the performance, the 2011 Nissan Sunny is powered by 1498 cc, 4 Cylinder, 16 Valves DOHC engine which can figure out 99ps @ 6000rpm.

cars under 10000 AED

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Suzuki Celerio 2012

The actual cost for the Suzuki Celerio 2012 is AED 29000 becoming the most affordable car. Its sleek design makes it a great option for driving especially in major traffic conditions. One of the best parts of the Celerio model is the ability to fold the rear seat to accommodate luggage. Surprisingly! You can get this model for less than AED 10000.

cars under AED 10000

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