Top 10 best Torrent sites in 2019

December 10, 2018

Habitual of watching your favorite movies on torrent?  If you prefer to use free torrent website instead of streamlining it on Netflix, the most notable feature that you search while choosing for the best torrent site is the premium quality resolution of every video that you dread to watch. Moreover, the second significant attribute that makes your user experience more enhanced is the abundance of seeds that helps to improvise your download speed to provide a lag-free environment without the hassle of site loading.

Here goes the list of top 10 torrent sites that would help you surf for any video or song of your choice. So grab some popcorn and Chromecast it with your Smart LED TV in order to get indulged in the ecstasy of watching out your favorite movie at best available HD quality.

Free Torrent Website – The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay, also known as, TPB, has the most easy-to-use interface that has not experienced any modification in its design in order to make it user-friendly and convenient enough for its users to search for any game, software, audiobook, movie, song or anything of your choice.  The explicitly available seedlings on Pirate BAY makes the user experience smooth enough to download any file.

free torrent website

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Shifting itself from the previous domain, that had quite high ranking i.e. This free torrent website has smooth graphics interface with eye compelling web design gives eye compelling visuals making it one of the most searched torrents with improvised download speed to enhance your overall download experience while making their site simple yet elegant enough to make you get bound to it.  Secondly, YTS has no linkage with YIFY group that has recently closed all of its operations some time ago. You can easily browse for your favorite songs or register yourself to provide feedback analysis to them if you want to recommend YTS.AG some more movies that they can enlist on their web page.

free torrent website

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The elegantly designed webpage with a sleek and stylish alignment of all the categories helps its users to search for their required file based on their preferred category.  An option for alternative domain helps you search for the best torrent facilitating you to download any of your required files at best available speed. is probably one of the best free torrent website.

free torrent website

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Apart from Pirate Bay, Limetorrents facilitates you with different categorical alignments to help you search for your favorite shows without the hassle of searching it all over the page. Keeping itself updated with all the exclusively available movies. Apart from that, users are able to create their own account to bookmark any site of their choice along with the history of most recent torrent files that they have downloaded.

free torrent website

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Being the most recent inclusion in the best torrent line, Zoogle is raising up the bar by providing relatively high seeds to increase the efficiency rate of your download speed due to the number of torrents that are increasing in it at a quite high exponential rate. Apart FROM THAT, IT provides you an easy navigation in an ad-free environment. This popular free torrent website has more than 3 million torrents indexed in it to provide you an exceptionally wide range of games, songs, movies or TV shows of your choice.

free torrent website

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Popcorn Time

In order to help you to watch movies on a free torrent website, Popcorn Time is the best choice of recommending you a wide range of movies based on different genres available. The only limitation that you might experience in Popcorn time is that it does not provides you downloadable link to any movie of your choice. In fact, an online movie portal has been made available to you in the form is this torrent alternative to streamline anything as many times as you would like to watch.

free torrent website

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Another recently launched torrent alternative gauging up everyone’s attention is iDope  which has the most simplest user interface that has much resemblance with Google Search Engine provide a very simple yet clean structured web page for all the movie enthusiast who do not prefer to have a complex layout that makes it difficult for them to grasp the theme of that particular torrent site.

free torrent website

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TorLock is another form of RARBG providing you top 100 best available torrents with a number of seeds and peers associated with it. TorLock helps you determine the quality of the free torrent website by the health provided at the corner of each link to determine the download speed and size of the movie in order to facilitate you with HD quality The only thing that differentiates it from RARBG is its intuitive interface with a wide variety collection of anime and ebooks making all the bibliophile and anime lovers go wild over it


An easy to use torrent with a box office chart to help you get to know about the latest trends in the cinema industry along with top 10 torrents giving you details of the best-charted movies, TV shows and games with the availability of fresh content every time you open it.  RARBG initially opened its wings as a Bulgarian tracker in 2008 but now it has made its mark in the most renowned free torrent website with lots of seedings at best available quality.

free torrent website

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Apart from being a free torrent website, helps you assist in getting data from all other sites that search torrents by segmenting them into different relevant categories to make your search engine usage easier to access.

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