10 Tips And Tricks For Your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

October 3, 2018

Apple iPhone X created a new trend in the smartphone market and make it more appealing for iOS users. Now that Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are here, iOS users got to experience better than ever. Powerful processor, improved displays, and many more in the internals make them the best smartphones for 2018. From face ID to whole new gesture controls and Memojis are something to talk about in these latest smartphones. There is a plenty thing in the latest Apple iPhones to learn about. Here, let us discuss few Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max tips and tricks that can help you to get started with your new handset.

Gesture Controls

If you want to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, then the first thing to learn about is gesture controls on the latest handset. In order to compensate for the home button, the tech giant has included several gesture controls to make it easier to navigate. Swipe up from the bottom to visit home screen, swipe down from the right corner to get access to control center. To access recently used apps, swipe up and hold on.

Apple iPhone XS tips

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Pay Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes it easier for you to pay online for any items using Apple iPhone XS Max. Double tap the side button to activate Apple Pay and to continue paying in the App store. Just add the card to the wallet to proceed with the payment.

Apple iPhone XS tips

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Make Use of Siri

Enjoy Siri assistance in an easier way. Just tap and hold the side button to talk to Siri. Just say “Hey Siri” before you start searching for anything. In case, you wish to change this behavior, there is even an option to switch off “Hey Siri” toggle switch.

Apple iPhone XS tips

Here is how to take a screenshot Without a Home button

In case you are used to taking a screenshot using power and home button, then you might be confused with the Apple iPhone XS. Since it ditches out the home button, you can take a screenshot using the power and Volume up button simultaneously.

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Take Control Over Notifications

With iOS 12, you can take more control over the notifications. Delete the group notifications just by tapping on ‘X’ icon on the screen. In case, you wish to get more of the notification center then customize it according to your needs. Long tap on any notification to find two options- Turn Off and Deliver Quietly.

Apple iPhone Xs tips

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Unlock Phone Using Second Face

Well! Want to add the second face to Face ID so as to unlock the phone. This makes your life easier and works as the best alternative. To do so navigate through settings → Face Id & Passcode-→ Set up an alternative appearance. Follow on-screen instructions to set up the second face.

Apple iPhone XS tips

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Enable True Tone Display

As in Apple iPhone X, even the latest Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come in with the feature of true tone display that lets to adjust brightness so as to match up with the ambient light. Make sure to enable this option by navigating through the iOS setting app.

Apple iPhone XS tips

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Check Battery Consumption On-Screen

iOS 12 also gives you the feasibility to check the battery level consumed within the last 24 hours or within two weeks. Head to settings-→ Battery wherein you will find two graphs. On one graph, you can find the battery level and other graph shows screen on and off activity.

Apple iPhone XS tips

Try Out DND

Apple Do Not Disturb feature is always useful to silence iPhone whenever required and ensures that you don’t miss out any notifications. The DND feature on iOS 12 is much smarter and offers different customization options. You can now set DND for one hour or until you are in roaming or until you leave the current location. Find this option under settings or just press and hold DND icon for easy access.

Apple iPhone XS tips

Adjust Portrait Mode

The most popular feature available for use since the launch of Apple iPhone X is portrait mode. Now that, the portrait mode is made available even for the front, the Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max take it to another level with its depth control. Either adjust the background blur or bokeh effect even after taking a snap using a slider.

Apple iPhone XS tips

Being a costlier option, it is always good to learn Apple iPhone XS tips and tricks before you prefer upgrading. In case you have already upgraded, then these 10 best tips & tricks of Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max will definitely help you out in accessing the handset in an easier way.

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