Things To Do On UAE National Day

October 14, 2019

The National day of UAE (United Arab Emirates) is celebrated on December 2 every year. It is one of the most anticipated events in the Emirates. This event serves as a unifying event regardless of diversity in race, age, and socio-economic background. Every Emirate has its list of activities to honor this special day. On the Dubai national day, you get to enjoy the stunning decorative displays with the colors of UAE flag across the city. Also have a look at the spectacular fireworks, visual shows, patriotic parades and more.

The 2019 marks as a 48th UAE national day. Here is everything you need to know and things to do on the UAE National day 2019.

History Of UAE National Day 2019

As we all are aware, the UAE is of seven Emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. On December 2, 1971, all the emirates signed a unification agreement at Union House, which is now called as Etihad Museum. This agreement is for combining separate states into a single entity.

UAE National Day

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first president since after unification. He is the one who leads this process and is said to be the founding father of the UAE. This National day is a time of great national pride wherein all the Emirates celebrate it with the theme of “Spirit of Nation”.

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UAE National Day Symbols

The celebrations commence several days ahead of the National Day. People tend to display important symbols and colors associated with the National flag. Some prefer to decorate the buildings with the colors of the UAE National flag which includes Black, White, Red and Green colors. While some project the images of nation rulers on shirts, souvenirs, and other items.

– Black represents the Oil that helped to transform the UAE economy.

– Red represents unity.

– Green represents fertility.

– White represents unity.

– Falcon represents UAE National symbol.

– Seven stars- Seven Emirates.

Join The World Record Breaking Attempt On UAE National Day

Dubai Police and HealthHub Al Futtaim will be attempting to break no one, but two Guinness World Record titles to mark the special occasion. And you can join in to help break them both.

World Record Breaking Attempt On UAE National Day

Taking place on Thursday, December 5 from 7am for enrollment and 10am onwards for the event, the first world record attempt will be the greatest number of people simultaneously carrying the United Arab Emirates flag as part of the UAE National Day celebration. The second world record attempt will be the maximum number of nationalities carrying the longest national flag of the UAE.

The special event will take place at Dubai Police Academy in Al Sufouh 2.

Happy 48th UAE National Day!

Things To Do on UAE National Day

Being a two-day holiday, people tend to play different activities to do on this special event. There is a whole lot of activities including dining options, Parade, fireworks, beach destination and more!! Here we have sorted some of the activities that you can plan for this 48th Dubai National day.

– Enjoy Beach Fireworks

Dubai National day celebration is incomplete without fireworks. Head down to your favorite beach in Dubai to view the sparkling display of sky flyers, flaming balls and more. You also get to enjoy live dance performances.

UAE National Day

– Fort Power

Want to know about the story of the union of seven emirates? Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain is the place to visit! It hosts a program of celebrations which includes theatrical spectacle that tells the story of the union of seven emirates using audio and visual effects. They are designed specifically based on the different age groups. It lasts for one hour and is presented in both English and Arabic languages.

UAE National day

– Try Visiting New Destination

As a part of National day celebrations, different service providers offer attractive discounts. So, this is a great time to discover a new location. There exist different amazing destinations that fit into your mini-holiday period. Most of the packages cover accommodation, transport charges, and sightseeing.

UAE National Day

– Parade Time!

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is all set for the greatest parade in town! Every year, this has become an annual tradition. It will be filled with entertainers, supercars, floaters and even bikers, thus making it a great show for everyone.

UAE national day

– Global Village

At Global Village, it will be a long 5-day National day celebration. It hosts the UAE’s biggest gathering of more than 10,000 partners and thousands of guests. The National Anthem will be played loud across the park’s internal speakers.

Moreover, it houses a vending machine that dispenses prizes, gold coins to the lucky customers upon reciting UAE National Anthem. Visitors get to participate in painting the 5-meter wide UAE flag with fingerprints.

UAE National Day

– Bait Hotel

Located in the Heart of Sharjah, Al Bait Sharjah is one of the Leading Hotels in the world. Since December 2018, this resort brings in the modern amenities without compromising the echoes of the UAE tradition. It is claimed to be the historic manor with 53 exquisite rooms and suites.

Also, enjoy cultural experiences and architectural sights such as round wind towers and other authentic antiques.

UAE NAtional Day

– Head To Wild Wadi Waterpark

This National day, plan to visit Wild Wadi Waterpark wherein the price of the entry fee will be slashed. Normally, this offer runs for two weeks and is available to UAE residents.

UAE National Day

– Indulge Yourself in Exciting Water Activities

Whether you are planning to go all alone or with your family and kids, National day is the best time to try hands-on exciting activities. Spend some time in Dubai water park to enjoy aquatic roller coasters, relaxing lazy river, slides, riptide pool and more. Also, enjoy huge discounts all through the holiday season.

UAE National Day

– Emirates Palace

Every year, the Emirates Palace features the firework show starting from December 1. You can also enjoy a laser show along with large video projection and sounds. The Grand Dome area features the children’s corner with educational entertainment. Also, guests have a chance to get close to the UAE National bird, Falcon.

At Emirati restaurant Mezlai, you get to enjoy dishes using venison and ostrich along with the themed cakes at Le Cafe.

Other recommended activities include visiting venues like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Also, cheer hard at Yas Marina Circuit’s National Day Colours.

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