Things to Do in Dubai Within 24-Hours

October 15, 2019

It is quite a test to make sense of how to see everything that a city brings to the table. What’s more, when you or a companion has an opportunity to only 24 hours to spend in a city like Dubai, well, that is a test of the most significant level. However, Dubai can likewise be enchanting and fun and there is a great deal to do stuff and enjoy. You can find a lot of things to do in Dubai. This apparently minor emirate packs the biggest shopping center, the tallest pinnacle, the biggest arranged dancing fountains, and the appeal of old Arabia. Such a large number of activities in Dubai thus a brief period! Fortunate for you, Awok is here to guide you through this.

Thus, regardless of whether you are there already, or you will be going to Dubai soon, these are fun ventures to do in Dubai. Some of them are free exercises, some cost somewhat, some are for the wild ones, some are for the individuals who like to chill and rest. More or less, Dubai offers a huge amount of stuff for each age, individually.

P.S. A few exercises are not offered consistently. Particularly in summer a few spots are shut, so please twofold check the dates. Now, without any further ado, let’s calm your excitement and jump into the fun part.

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A Hot Air Balloon Ride With Beautiful Sunrise

This one isn’t actually modest. However, if you have only a day in Dubai, would you be able to think about a superior method to get a good view of the city than investigating rambling desert rises and the unmistakable Dubai horizon out there? The early morning quietness of the desert and the warm daylight give you a one of a kind chance to absorb everything: you are in Dubai. The tourist balloon ride begins early morning and a few administrators additionally take part in some light falconry (for example you’ll be taking off with birds of prey!).

A Hot Air Balloon Ride - things to do in Dubai

Breakfast at Bedouin Camp and Hit the Sand

When you’re back ashore, appreciate a heavenly breakfast at a Bedouin camp while taking a gander at the astounding pictures from your time in the sky. Enjoy the breakfast on sand dunes with camels. Ride the camels and take pictures. Head to the Arabian Peninsula is all about the sand and warm tones. Great for pictures. Enjoy the place but not for too long.

Breakfast at Bedouin Camp - Things to do in Dubai

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Start your run in Dubai with a visit to the city’s past. This verifiable region, otherwise called the Bastakiya, is situated in the Bur Dubai region and offers a look into the pre-oil period in the UAE. Perhaps the most seasoned neighborhood in the nation, this territory goes back to the 1900s. A mobile voyage through Al Fahidi Historical District’s winding rear entryways and clamoring patios will give you a one of a kind point of view on Dubai’s legacy in one day.

Al fahidi historical neighbourhood - Things to do in Dubai

You will likewise run over historical centers and workmanship displays in its numerous alcoves and corners. Make the most out of your 24 hours in Dubai and furthermore look at other legacy locales in the city that take you back in time when Dubai wasn’t the city of high rises that we know today.

Get Your Lunch Along The Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is one of the new attractions of the city. This is located in Business Bay. You can reach here easily with a short cab ride or a metro, whatever you find feasible. Walk around, spend some leisure time with your food. Relax a bit and take rest for the upcoming adventures. For Lunch, you can head to BASTA! It is a great place for good food.

Dubai Water Canal

Abra Across Dubai Marina

One of my most loved parts in Dubai will be Dubai Marina with every one of the bistros, nourishment trucks, and eateries, and skyscrapers. This is perhaps the best spot for pleasant walks. This region is unquestionably more pleasant and simpler to stroll than numerous different zones in Dubai that are not exceptionally person on foot amicable. In the event that you are with messes with you can lease a little feline vehicle or you simply stroll along the excellent promenade.

Dubai Marina

Shopping Vibes? Let’s Visit Dubai Mall

As you’ve already been to Downtown Dubai, now. How about you shop in the largest malls in the world? The Dubai Mall is one of the most famous places around the globe. If you love brands and shopping, this is probably a paradise for your needs. Including great dining choices and mind-wobbling attractions for tourists, it is the best experience. Well, it might take a day or so to explore the whole mall so we won’t suggest spending the rest of your time there.

Dubai mall

Sunset At Burj Khalifa

No view can be better than seeing the sunset at Burj Khalifa. The voyage from old Dubai to the new. Go to the highest point of the world’s tallest pinnacle Burj Khalifa. You will see stupendous perspectives on everything that embodies Dubai today. Standing 828 meters tall, the notable pinnacle on the 124th floor has floor-to-roof glass windows.

Sunset from Burj Khalifa - Things to do in Dubai

These huge windows offer perspective on tremendous tourist spots. For example, Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, and a few high rises on Sheik Zayed Road. The whole experience will leave you hypnotized.

Dancing Fountain and Dinner

Appreciate a delectable feast at one of the eateries sitting by the view of marvelous Dubai Fountain. This entrancing moving wellspring is the world’s biggest arranged wellspring framework that sits in Burj Khalifa Lake. You can likewise get an open-air spot at eateries and bistros on the first and second degrees of Dubai Mall for a view from the top. There are a few cafés in the lake promenade that offer extraordinary perspectives on the Dubai Fountain.

Dancing Fountain Dubai

Late-night Walk On Palm Jumeriah

What’s better than a late-night stroll at the Boardwalk in Palm Jumeriah with all the views, a little music, and a snack? Just absorb all of the beguiling atmospheres and look and feel of the place.

Late-night Walk On Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Wrap-Up

So this basically sums up more or less everything that you can do in Dubai within 24 hours without getting very much tired for your next day’s errands. Of course, the city has a lot more to offer but keeping a day in mind, this will pretty much cover the best parts and you can enjoy to the fullest. Great pictures, oomph-oozing food, and exciting adventures are what this city is all about!

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