Tesla Smartwatch with Camera 2019

December 6, 2018

As the gadgets are turning smarter day by day our watches have also become smartwatches with the ultimate features integration, the digitalization and technological advancement merger has brought a lot of feasibility in the form of smartwatches. The smartphones are constructive and practical yet the mini smart gadget in our wrist is convenient to carry while running or doing sports activities as it is designed to remain connected with the smartphone subsequently enabling to perform instant tasks like notification updates, messages replies and call attending. However, the big brands have released some great smartwatches with the superior features like Apple Watch Series 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, Huawei Watch GT and LG Watch W7 additionally some of the car brands also got involved in the smartwatches like Nissan and Mercedes. The recent concept drop of Tesla smartwatch with camera 2019 is creating a lot of hype, however, the curiosity is generating the queries about the Tesla smartwatch price in Dubai and its specifications hence for the answers, this article has all the rumored and speculated details of it.

Tesla Smartwatch with Camera 2019

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Design and Display:

First, let’s have a quick introduction to the company Tesla, it is an American automotive and energy company in California. The company has the specialization in the electric car and solar panel manufacturing. Whereas, the concept design of the 2019 Tesla smartwatch in Dubai enlightens great features reflecting the novel structure of the smartwatch. Although it has a square cut display of around AMOLED screen 1.78 inches of 3D Touch, the body structure is of the stainless steel frame. Its back is equipped with the sensors to detect the activities and human body patterns while looking closely the camera infusion at the left corner of the screen can be noticed crafted very thoughtfully and neatly. The modernization of the screen display is the trend as the in display selfie camera smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is also about to release. The band colors include a Red, White, Black classy and basic collection.

Tesla Smartwatch with Camera 2019

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There are no official deets related to the Tesla smartwatch hence the concept design drops the predictions of Tesla smartwatch in Dubai 2019 including a 64-bit dual-core CPU and a GPU,  enhances the performance of the watch.  It has eventually turned the watch faster and slicker, for the improved Bluetooth a wireless chip is also integrated, a heart rate sensor to monitor any unusual alteration is also there. The Tesla smartwatch comprises of the powerful elements which can give tough competition not only the recently available smartwatches in Dubai market including the fitness bands. It has the power to analyze the heart rate falls with the help of electrical and optical heart rate sensor at the back, 18 hours of battery in one charge, a complete activity tracker and workout partner by detecting the burned calories and exercise pattern, voice assistant, in-display fingerprint scanner and a health record keeper as well. The one of the most innovative part in 2019 Tesla smartwatch in UAE is the insertion of the camera, the camera would be around 20MP enabling to capture the moments while running or during any physical activity as it provides the perk of not holding the phone for a click or video chat during the workout sessions however, the smartwatch is synchronized with the Tesla cars directly without any app help to connect and control the car including car lock-unlock system eventually works as a digital car key.

Tesla Smartwatch With Camera 2019

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Tesla Smartwatch Price in Dubai:

All the above information is based on the predictions as there is no official or authentic news about the Tesla smartwatch release or price. Conversely, the leaked or concept based design of the smartwatch does develop the interest and anticipation. The Tesla smartwatch price in UAE estimated with respect to the Apple Watch Series 4 which is around 3000 AED or 3500 AED due to the high-end features composition inside replicating famous smartwatches and fitness bands like Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Blaze 2 and Fitbit Versa.

Tesla Smartwatch With Camera 2019

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Tesla Smartwatch Release Date in Dubai:

No details about the release or revelation of this concept design, however, it could be said that Tesla smartwatch might be opposite or may be similar to this concept but there is no official news related to it. Moreover, the Tesla smartwatch release date in UAE is expected around 2019.

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