Steps To Find And Delete Duplicate Files On Android

August 8, 2018

It is quite common that a number of duplicate files get accumulated in Android devices. On a regular basis, we open different files on our phones, copy and paste them. At times, the existing files also get copied to our phone storage and start consuming the memory. Hence, it is necessary to clear up all the duplicate files on your devices to save the memory and also slows down the processor. However, one must note that finding duplicate files is a tricky task. So, here we are to present you a few simple tips that might help to find and delete duplicate files.

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With the help of an Android application named Duplicate Media Remover, it is pretty simple to locate the duplicate files and remove them from the Android storage. Through this app, you can scan all the selective folders. During the process, you will receive notification about files containing such files. Once the scanning is done, you can choose the files that you want to delete or can even schedule the scans. So, just follow the steps below and clean up your smartphone or any other Android device.

1. The first step is to install the Duplicate Media Remover application from the Google Play Store.
2. Launch it once the application is installed. The app will then ask to select the folders.

delete duplicate files
3. This best duplicate file finder app will start scanning for duplicate files.
4. After the scanning is done, you can notice all the duplicate files.
5. Next select on “Show Duplicates” which will display all the duplicate media files.

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6. Select the numerous or individual files from the list that you want to remove.

That’s it! The process to delete duplicate files is now completed.

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Duplicate Files Fixer:

Duplicate Files Fixer is another excellent app use for the same purpose. This duplicate file finder and duplicate file remover app works by scanning and deleting all kinds of duplicate files present on your Android device. This best duplicate file finder app is quite useful as it assists to retrieve the huge amount of storage space on an Android phone or other devices. Saving up space will enable you to keep necessary data on your device and keep it functioning at a good speed without any lags. Let us check out the steps using which, you can delete duplicate files on your handset.

1. Download and install the Duplicate Files Fixer on your device from the Google Play Store.
2. Once it is installed, open the application.
3. The app will display “Get Started” where you have to select “Let’s Go” option.

delete duplicate files4. Next, grant permission for the audio, video, images and other files by clicking on the “Got It” option.
5. Now it will display a few options like scan audio, scan video, and other files. Just tap on the “Full Scan” option and select “Scan Now” to proceed.
6. It will show all the duplicate files present on the device.

delete duplicate files
7. Just click on Delete Now option and all the duplicate files will be removed.

So, there are the popular applications that you can use as both duplicate file finder and duplicate file remover. But apart from these, you can also rely on a few alternative applications available on the Google Play Store. Some of these include the Duplicate File Remover, Remove Duplicate Files, SD Maid, and others.

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  • in the process of copy paste we create lot of duplicate files which become messy and work becomes difficult when you find same files at many folders . inorder to maintain the files and folders properly one should know Steps To Find And Delete Duplicate Files On Android.this is a really nice blog to read.

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  • Duplicate files accumulate on your phone in the form of duplicate images, audio, video, document and other files. These duplicate files affect your device’s speed and performance drastically.duplicate file remover ,and best duplicate file finder are the most essential tools for almost all computer users.

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