Sony To Unveil New 52MP Camera Smartphone At MWC 2019

February 5, 2019

While we are just a few weeks away from the Mobile World Congress event which is claimed to be the most happening event in the mobile industry, all eyes are towards Android OEMs who unveil their innovative smartphones. This event will happen in Barcelona, Spain. In order to overcome the tough competition, almost all the smartphone manufacturers are coming up with innovative features. This time, we got to see Sony in rumors with its smartphone featuring a 52MP camera. As the smartphone camera is becoming a favorite choice for many, smartphone companies are trying to integrate the mobile with advanced technology that allows capturing the best quality images. Considering its importance, the Japanese manufacturer is trying to bring in a triple camera setup for its upcoming smartphone. According to reports, this smartphone would be Sony Xperia XZ4. Over the past few weeks, we have seen several leaks and rumors of this upcoming Sony flagship.

Sony Xperia XZ4

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The latest information leaked online suggest some interesting details of its camera. Sony Xperia XZ4 is likely to get a revolutionary 52MP sensor as a part of the primary camera setup. Moreover, this will be one of the parts of triple rear camera that Sony is planning for Sony Xperia XZ4. This is the successor of Sony Xperia XZ3 and is arriving exactly after six months of its launch. While the regular version features dual camera lens, the Sony Xperia XZ4 premium boasts 52MP primary camera with f/1.6 aperture accompanied by a 16MP telephoto lens with f/2.6 aperture size and 0.3MP Time of Flight (ToF lens) of f/1.4 aperture size. This ToF sensor is used to measure distance and even plays a prominent role in AR features of the device. The remaining two sensors render high-resolution images. We have already seen Oppo R17 Pro with this ToF sensor and even the Cupertino company is likely to integrate this sensor in its triple camera setup for its upcoming Apple iPhones.

Few other reports also hint the Sony Xperia XZ4 in Dubai to have a higher bigger capacity of 4400mAh. It may further have a premium look with glass and metal body with rounded corners. As it might feature a glass rear, there is a high chance for the device to come with the wireless charging support. Interestingly, renders even revealed some of the hardware Sony Xperia XZ4 specs. This includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC on board. It is coupled with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This is the latest processor that promises to deliver impressive performance. It further suggests that this would be the first Sony smartphone with 5G support.

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Sony Xperia XZ4

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Other features include 6.5-inches QHD+ OLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It may run on the latest Android operating system, Android 9.0 Pie. From the leaked image, we could find that there is no evidence of fingerprint scanner on the rear. It seems like Sony has completely replaced the fingerprint scanner with face unlock. Or else, there is even a probability for the device to get an in-display fingerprint scanner. Sony will pull off the official details at the MWC 2019 which will commence on February 25 and proceeds until February 28, 2019. So, we need to wait until the official launch to get accurate details of the upcoming Sony smartphone.

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