SONOS PLAY 5 Smart Wireless Speaker Review

November 23, 2018

Sonos always have ideas of filling up the living room or entire space with music by following the simple process. The latest version of Sonos play 5 is the largest speaker around designed for music and is an excellent option for home theater fans. For those who are willing to stream music from Spotify or other popular streaming music services, this is the best option to prefer. Check out our Sonos Play 5 review to understand the new features and performance rendered. This would help you to find if it is a worthy upgrade over the original Sonos 5.

SONOS PLAY 5 Design and Build

With an intention to deliver focused stereo image, now we got the second generation Play 5. It appears to be 25 percent bigger than the previous version and even is successful in rendering significantly more bass. It comes in with six drivers, which includes three mid-woofers along with three tweeters. Sonos is well known to offer the product of best design and so as the Sonos Play 5 design that can be conveniently oriented in three ways. Apart from holding a simple design, it even has greater flexibility for placement. While the original model has a bass port on the rear end, the new version has lost the port and now has a sealed architecture. The latest Sonos wireless speakers are now capable of deeper and cleaner bass. As for the build quality, the front grille is of plastic rather than metal and is now claimed to offer the best wireless performance. Even the physical buttons are now replaced with touch controls. The only physical button in the Sonos Play 5 is sync button on the rear end that is placed along with Ethernet port and 3.5mm jack.

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SONOS PLAY 5 Features

The arrival of the sync button made it quite easier to set up Sonos Play 5. The current setup works perfectly with the wireless connection, but it requires to connect to Ethernet to perform initial setup. Another special feature to talk about is TruePlay. However, you do need an iPhone or iPad to calibrate the sound according to room acoustics. Even the sound quality is impressive. The six custom-designed drivers ensure to deliver detailed sounds without any distortion. When compared to the Sonos Play 1, these are the powerful speakers ever created.

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SONOS PLAY 5 Performance

Talking about the performance, these Sonos wireless speakers render outstanding performance with excellent sound quality and better clarity even with a single speaker. With dual speakers, you can expect to provide a stereophonic sound system thus allowing to fill up the entire house with music. Moreover, it is quite easy to set up in any room and supports all popular music streaming services. Sonos 5 also features incredible applications that allow controlling playback. The three large woofers would be enough to deliver big, clear bass response without echoes. It further holds six class-D amplifiers that pack in dedicated speakers to deliver rich stereophonic sound without any distortion.

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One of the affordable wireless speakers around that you can buy is Sonos Play5. It features great sound quality along with impressive software and design that better suits your living room. This multi-room speaker is easy to set up and supports almost all the music streaming services. It costs you around AED 2034 and is available in the black or white shade.

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