Smart Mirrors- the new innovative devices introduced in CES 2019

January 8, 2019

Multi-functionality is on rising because it makes life easier on the longer term. So as the new innovation is bringing a lot of multi-purpose devices to enhances the feasibility quotient. The year 2019 has a lot of expectations so as we look forward for the advance and modern products. The CES 2019 has introduced many unique devices however the big brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google would be the highlighting brands in 2019 indeed. The newly released news of Smart mirror in Dubai is trending like anything. These freshly structured and revealed Smart mirrors or vanity mirror wouldn’t be the part of your beautification only instead it will provide you with all the smart features at your fingertips. Smart mirrors or touchscreen mirrors are new innovative devices would be seen at our dressing tables or placed at the wall of our home.

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Smart Mirrors- the new innovative devices introduced in CES 2019

Capstone Smart Mirror:

Smart devices have become an essential element because it reflects toward the futuristic necessities of life. Google has partnered up with the Capstone. It has developed that Google Assistant-enabled mirror which is not only there for reflection of your beauty but it has the power to handle your multiple tasks while you are standing in front of the wall mirror getting ready. The huge touchscreen mirror allows you to download apps from the Google Play store, stream YouTube and ask Google Assistant anything you would in a standard smart speaker. You can also compose emails and messages by typing directly on the mirror. Voice control in the mirror can recognize six different voices and log users in and out of Google accounts. The company says this method still keeps user data private. The touchscreen mirror does require the Capstone Connected Control Hub. The hub is also a touchscreen device, like a tablet, that acts as the command center for the mirror subsequently you can hang the Capstone Smart Mirror or stand it up on a counter. The mirror will be the full-length mirror available in multiple sizes, beginning with a 19-inch by 22-inch.

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Smart Mirrors- the new innovative devices introduced in CES 2019

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist:

There is another news been rounding up that a Google home speaker mirror which will be a mini mirror set on your dressing table has also designed. Not only this, the mirror is fuelled up with the other constituents as well interestingly it will be the light source and music speaker too. The mind questions are a huge space-saver alternative or a simple innovation. Simplehuman, the company that brought us smart mirrors and voice-activated garbage cans, has made two new mirrors that can light up and play music. The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist in Dubai are the two mirrors also announced at CES 2019 with the Capstone Smart Mirror. Both mirrors can stream music from any service via connected devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Mirror Hi-Fi Assist also supports Google Assistant permitting additional voice commands for, say, adjusting the music or asking for the weather without the need for a Google Home device. The speakers on the mirrors deliver high-fidelity sound on 2.5-inch acoustic drivers enough to voice up a room.

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Moreover, the company Simplehuman made both mirrors with a proprietary light system that simulates natural sunlight. There’s also a night shift mode that gradually transitions into a dim light meant for sleeping, a candlelight mode, and a night light mode. However Google Assistant is an additional perk that doesn’t seem integral to the product. In fact, both mirrors work best with the Simplehuman app, which adds much more functionality. It can help you set a timer for when you’re working on your daily skincare routine or hair styling before you run out of the house, and it allows you to adjust sound, lighting, and sensor activity.

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Smart Mirrors- the new innovative devices introduced in CES 2019

Smart Mirrors Release Date in Dubai:

Touchscreen mirrors are now indeed the device of future and its anticipation has increased after the CES event of 2019. The expectations are that this touchscreen mirror, talking vanity mirror, full-length smart mirror or wall mirror in UAE will be soon seen in the market and it is speculated that at the end of 2019 these will be available in the market.

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Smart Mirrors Price in Dubai:

These touchscreen mirrors bring some smarts to a common household item. The new features are the speakers and the different light modes subsequently utilitarian to save space in a small, cluttered home by using a mirror to substitute for a speaker and lamp. The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Assist price in Dubai would be around 1300 AED and 1500 AED but for the Capstone Smart Mirror, the price in UAE are not revealed.

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