Simple Methods to Transfer Data Between iPhone and PC

March 13, 2018

Confused about how to transfer data like photos, videos, contact or any information between your personal computer and iPhone? Here is a guide that displays the methods to transfer the data from PC to iPhone and vice-versa. Transferring the content was never easier with our guide. The transfer process is completely straightforward. Many people prefer iTunes as the first option to copy files from PC to iPhone Dubai. Apart from iTunes, there are many other methods that allow you to transfer with an ease. Continue reading the article to know the process to transfer photos, videos, files, contacts and more between iPhone and PC UAE.



Why do we need to transfer Data Between iPhone and PC?

With the advanced camera technology that the smartphones are implementing, there is no doubt that they offer great image quality than the traditional cameras. Almost all the iPhones support RAW images and 4K videos thus forcing to have larger storage space. Fortunately, we have many ways that can quickly back up the photos to your computer. Thus saving space and making them readily accessible. Whether it is a MacOS or a Windows system, the process to transfer photos iPhone to laptop, iPhone to iPhone UAE or iPhone to PCs isn’t changed.Hence you can transfer data in simple steps.

Transfer Photo from iPhone to PC

Connect the iPhone to PC using the USB cable and run iTunes. Click on Device Tab and select Photos. Check for Sync Photos and select the desired folder wherein the photos need to be placed. In case if the iCloud Photo library is turned on while syncing photos with iTunes then probably the iTunes may not support sync option. In such cases, turn off iCloud Photo library. Go to Settings-→Apple ID-→iCloud-→Photos-→iCloud Photo library-→turn off. Add Photos to iCloud from PC. Later all the iCloud photos can be seen on iPhone directly when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. Another best alternative is Google Photos app that will automatically back up your photos taken on iPhone. It is the best alternative to iCloud to store photos. Transferring photo from iPhone to pc in UAE has become easy for iPhone X and iPhone 8 UAE users.


Transfer photo from iPhone to iPhone

To transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, mobiMover is one such data transfer master to transfer photos between iOS devices. Connect the iOS device to PC and tap on trust to continue. Go to customs-→photos-→ select the photos to transfer-→click on transfer to other device and select the desired destination iPhone. To transfer the photos between two iOS devices without a computer, swipe up the button of iPhone screen and open control center on either iphone. Tap on AirDrop and set the iPhone to be discovered by everyone or contacts only. Go to Photos App–>select the photos-→click on share-→choose the target device-→Click accept on the target device to receive photos.No more obligations in transferring photo from iPhone to iPhone Dubai  for iPhone 8 to iPhone X .


Transfer Videos Between iPhone and PC

• Connect your iPhone to Windows. The AutoPlay window appears. Now click on “Import pictures and Videos using Windows”. Select the video to transfer that lets to copy the video to hard drive.

• Connect the iPhone to Mac. The iPhoto automatically appears. Click on Device name under devices and find the video to transfer. Select import option to transfer the video successfully.

• Another best way to transfer videos PC to iPhone is through an iCloud control panel. Once the iCloud photo library is installed, launch it and click on options next to photos. Check the box that is next “Download new photos and videos to my PC”. Now choose the folder to store the videos. In case you want to upload the photos/videos from PC to iCloud Photo Library then don’t forget to turn off MyPhoto stream before you transfer. This iCloud software works only for Windows 7 PCs or later.

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Transfer Contacts Between iPhone and PC

Just connect the device to the computer. Click on device button-→ Info. Select the item to sync and Apply.

To transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, make sure your old iPhone is logged in to the iCloud account and Wi-fi. To log in, open settings-→iCloud. The Apple ID and name appears on top thus letting you know that you are logged in. Toggle the option of sync contacts. Go to settings-→name-→iCloud-→scroll down to check the contacts in green-→Backup-→Backup Now. While setting up the contacts in new iPhone, select ‘restore from iCloud backup”. Choose the latest backup and restore starts. this method helps you to transfer data easily.


To transfer the contact from PC to iPhone, you need a professional iOS data transfer tool which is capable enough to transfer contacts. Imobie AnyTrans is one such tool that supports all kinds of iOS contents including contacts. Run Anytrans tool on your PC-→ Connect your iPhone with USB cable-→choose device manager-→category management screen-→contacts. Click on import button and pick the contacts file that you want to transfer. Click open to transfer contacts from PC to iPhone.All the above data transferring methods are applicable to all iPhones like iPhone X and iPhone 8 Dubai.

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