How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

October 20, 2018

In almost every business, taking a screenshot is quite a necessary task to do with at some point in time. Capturing screenshot on Windows is an essential task and one of the easiest methods to do so on Windows is to hit print screen(PrtSC) on your computer keyboard. Hitting this button will copy the selected image and one can instantly paste it on the desktop using Ctrl+V. Windows 10, which is the latest Operating system is nowhere different. But, what in case this button doesn’t work while in necessary conditions? How to screenshot on Windows in such a case? Well! As with other additional features, Windows 10 is also offering with several other methods that let to print screen Windows 10.

Different Methods To Take A Screenshot on Windows 10

For those who all are looking for different methods of how to take a screenshot on Windows 10, read on the guide completely to understand in detail about capturing screenshot Windows 10.

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Method 1: Taking Screenshot of Entire Screen in Windows 10

Well! We all know the most common method to print screen Windows 10, it is just to press print screen and paste it in MS Paint using ctrl+v. And, save it in the desired location. Another method to screenshot Windows 10 is to press Windows+Print screen. This will directly save the screenshot in the pictures library-→ Screenshots.

how to take a screenshot on windows 10

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Method 2: Taking Screenshot of Current Window

There are several occasions wherein you don’t need to have a screenshot of the entire screen. To capture a screenshot of just a single window or app, click on the app that needs to get a screenshot and ensure it to be in the foreground. Press alt + print screen and paste the image in MS Paint with the command ctrl+v.

how to take a screenshot on windows 10

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Method 3: Taking Screenshot Of a Part of the Screen

Here comes the need of a snipping tool. Follow below steps to take a screenshot of part of the screen.

Step 1: To take a screenshot, open a snipping tool by navigating through start-→All Programs-→Accessories.

Step 2: Click on down arrow to select either the rectangular snip or free-form snip. While the rectangular snip allows capturing a rectangular screenshot, the free-form snip lets to draw any shape and take a screenshot of any part.

Step 3: Once done, save it your PC in the desired location.

how to take a screenshot on windows 10

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Method 4: Using Third-Party Tools

Though there exist several built-in methods to take a screenshot, they have their own pros and cons. For better flexibility to capture a screenshot, you can also prefer to consider a third-party tool. Snagit is one such third-party tool that makes it easy to print screen Windows 10. Since it is loaded with tons of features, you need to spend a few bucks to get this top-notch tool. With the support of the integrated features, the user can target specific windows or a part of the window or even can capture the screenshot of scrolling windows. Draw different shapes and do pretty much anything that you expect from the screenshot tool. Before spending money, try out free trial period to get to know the features of this third-party tool. Apart from this, there exist several other tools that let to take a screenshot with an ease on Windows 10 without compromising on quality.

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how to take a screenshot on windows 10

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